A Meditative Sound Journey of Epic Proportions!

​Join Ann Martin and Travis Rumsey for a colossal sound-celebration of summer. The "Gong Wall" will clear away any remnants if negativity and create a path to your best summer ever.  Bring your thick pad and pillows, and nestle in for transformation on a deep level. 

Location: 125 S. Sherman St, Denver

​Time: TBD

​More details coming soon, so save the date!

June 20th: LIVE Gong Sound Bath - "Summer Solstice Celebration!"

FUN!   Transformational!   UNIQUE!

Oh what fun it is to ZOOM!

  • A link to the meeting will be sent to you.
  • Registration closes 60 minutes before the scheduled start time. 
  • Have headphones ready!
  • If you have a singing bowl, bring it!  
  • If you can't attend, a recording can be requested.
  • Each meeting offers an opportunity to participate, to meditate, and to appreciate. 

April 8th & 13th, 7-8 pm       FREE!!!!

“Bowls Full of Spring: A Singing Bowl Concert Celebrating Sound, Color and Consciousness!” 


with Singing Bowls


Bringing People Together VIRTUALLY through Meditative Sound:

Plan a Bowl Party: Punctuate your special day by rounding up your favorite peeps and treating them to a joy-filled gathering they will never forget. When people  experience the singing bowls used in a meditative concert for the first time, they are amazed, curious, and intrigued. Gather your  people and give them the gift of relaxation and musical medicine. All events include a recording of the event for each person. Contact Me with all the specifics!

* Birthdays     * Anniversaries     * Celebrations     * Holidays     * Commemorative Gatherings     * Weddings

The Arapahoe Library District Sponsors this Event!

Using color with healing sounds is a highly effective meditation tool. Ann Martin, International Sound Meditation Artist, will present harmonic healing harmonies from metal and crystal singing bowls to inspire this colorful springtime visualization. These instruments help to deeply relax the body and mind so you can access uncommon creativity. Grab some headphones and get ready to float into your most colorful springtime ever! Sign up now for one of the concerts using the links here...

Jan. 21, 2021, 7 - 8 pm: "Burning Bowl Ceremony"



​​​Ann Martin     BLISSbowls™ Creator/Instructor      ann@milehighhealingvibe.com     303-378-6250

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