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Whether you are trained in massage/bodywork or energy healing methods, the direct application of  “musical medicine” from singing bowls is one of the most effective treatment tools one can utilize. Music is a universal language; a carrier wave that supports the body in an actual rhythmic unwinding and deeper, more productive breathing. Healing sounds from metal or crystal singing bowls access deep levels of the mind, body and spirit and, not only prepares the way for manual or energy therapy, but immediately invites the client into a deeper state of receptivity.

Science, Sound, and Stress

Sound vibration from singing bowls has specific benefits that are supported by a growing body of research. When applied to the body in a therapeutic way, singing bowls can offer physiological improvements including immunity boost, blood detoxification, muscle softening, and pain reduction. Benefits to the brain include right and left hemisphere synchronization, increased creativity and concentration, new neural pathway development, and relief from headache or insomnia. Therapeutic singing bowls combined with massage or energy work provides support to people seeking to reduce the stress in their lives. Studies show stress causes direct negative biological responses including inflammation, neurodegeneration and autoimmune disease. Singing bowls help clients manage their stress with soothing sound and vibration that activates the self-healing mechanisms of the body and minimizes mind-chatter so they can find pure peace.

Synchronize the Mind

Singing bowls also speak the language of the brain: frequency. When clients are introduced to the calming sounds from the healing bowls, their busy “beta” brainwaves slow down to an alpha/ theta brainwave state comparable to a meditative mind. In this peaceful state, both hemispheres of the brain can balance, new neural pathways are created, and the constant mind-chatter ceases.  Also, since singing bowls are rich in layered frequencies, they become ready tools to achieve the binaural beat phenomenon where the brain creates its own third signal from two frequencies and begins resonating with that signal to achieve powerful states of focused concentration, relaxation, and creativity. With a relaxed mind, the body will follow.

Harmonize the Body

Everything in the universe is in a complex, rhythmic structural pattern of vibrational activity. Our own human bodies are no exception. Within the body, there are biological rhythms that govern organic life. Every bone, organ, tissue and cell has its own resonant frequency, along with a natural predisposition to respond and synchronize with rhythmic sounds. This phenomenon, called “entrainment,” makes singing bowls a powerful and efficient tool for effecting transformation in the body. In addition, the human body is approximately 70 percent water; our brain is 80 percent water, the lungs and heart are 75 percent water and our blood is about 50 percent water. Sound travels four times faster in water than in air, which makes the human body a natural sound resonator.

When metal singing bowls are placed and played on the body, the sound and vibration travels systemically through the watery waves in the body and manifests as greater pain relief and a profound sense of stillness and tranquility for clients.

Revitalize the Spirit

Ann Martin is a sound healer who holds certifications in neuromuscular, oncology and deep tissue massage. Her early practice was in a medical massage and injury rehab clinic with a strong focus on the no-pain-no-gain philosophy. Today, she believes sound-based therapy helped reorient her work to more gently support her clients’ joyful discovery of their own healing capacity. "Sound healing makes it easier for me to perform fascial work, circulatory work and, most notably, to prevent injury to myself and my clients when performing deep work. I feel the vibrations in my hands, and find that I feel vibrant when I complete a session. I am attuned, more balanced and in greater resonance.” Undoubtedly, working with the sound vibrations is a “double healing” with benefits for therapist and client.

Using singing bowls on and around the body makes for a memorable session that sets you apart from the competition, with potential to increase your business considerably. Your client base will also expand to include “touch sensitive” clients that might previously have avoided a therapeutic session due to surgery, chemotherapy, PTSD, fibromyalgia, surgeries, etc. All ages, body types, and medical conditions can benefit from the transformative powers of sound and vibration.

The integration of therapeutic singing bowls into your clinical practice can transform your approach to business, your profitability, and your effectiveness. It provides a deeper level of relief to your clients with less effort, while supporting them to come into physical resonance, harmony, balance, and an enhanced sense of physical and emotional well being.


  • Injury Clinics

  • Wellness Centers

  • Acupuncture Offices

  • Chiropractic Offices

  • Assisted Living

  • Medical Centers

  • PT / OT / Rehab

  • Yoga Studios

BLISSbowls™ Amplify Healing Techniques

Therapists and healers of all kinds are learning specialized techniques that incorporate the therapeutic benefits of singing bowls. Ann Martin, Creator/Instructor of the BLISSbowls™ healing method, provides training and practical skills using crystal and Tibetan bowls for relaxation, transformation and wellbeing. Ms. Martin states, “The BLISSbowls™ program offers a contemporary approach to sound healing while providing a platform to integrate the unique talents of each participant.” Online training will soon available!