New Singing Bowl App Features Ann Martin and BLISSbowls™!

Ann brings the magical music from quartz crystal and Himalayan singing bowls to blissfully enhance your meditation experience! She crafts these unique sound journeys from an eclectic family of instruments, called BLISSbowls™, that serve to effortlessly calm the mind and relax the body for a deeper connection to peace.

Put on a good set of headphones and immerse yourself in the blissful vibrations.

Each magical track, carefully composed and mindfully performed by Ann, features harmonizing sound frequencies that will effortlessly relax your body, focus your monkey-mind, and bring you into perfect presence.

Breathe deep, wade in the sound waves, and enjoy all of the amazing benefits of this ancient sound healing practice; from improved clarity, focus, and mood to decreased stress, anxiety, and tension.

These tracks are perfect for your meditative moments, as well as for ushering your busy brain to sleep at night. Since the music is composed to be harmonically beautiful, play these tracks as background music in the home or office. Watch kids and animals relax and unwind in response to the soothing sounds. 

The transformative tones will keep the positive energy flowing and the good vibes coming with the restorative power of singing bowls.

NEW FOR 2021:

MUSE has aquired Meditation Studio! Very soon, you will be able to use the MUSE headband to listen to these singing bowl concerts. For more information about MUSE and the benefits of their high-tech headband for meditation, click on their picture below.



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