Every BLISSbowls™ Sound Session...

...supports you and your wellness goals! Through exotic gongs, sound bowls, chimes, drums and quartz crystal instruments, I create musical medicine for body, mind and spirit. As your guide, I supply a safe and inspiring sound environment for you to explore; offering a complete spectrum of frequencies, vibrations, and tone textures to sustain your 70-minute harmonic journey.

Next, you will settle into the NEW Sound Healing Studio that offers:

  • Sanctuary for those who are looking to dive deeper into physical and conscious awareness, and reconnection with inner peace.

  • Unique musical family of instruments that create a sonic harmonic soundscape.

  • No visual or noise distractions for complete tranquility, privacy, and sacred silence. Candles and subtle lighting effects add to the sensory experience.

  • Contemporary "Immersion Bed" that comfortably accommodates any resting position… go ahead, stretch out!

  • Innovative sound healing methods you can’t find anywhere else, including "Floating Bowls" and "Spinning Pyramids.“

Your treatment ends
with an affirmation, chocolate for grounding, and “sound self-care” suggestions to add to your daily routine. A free rose quartz crystal is your keepsake with every session! Gift certificates are available.

Ann Martin: 303-378-6250     martin.ann@live.com

Sound Sessions - $110 for 70 minutes

From Ann Martin:
“I welcome you to my sacred sound studio in Centennial, CO. where you will find crystal and metal bowls, gongs, harps, and a variety of other potent sound tools. My goal is to share the power of Music as Medicine and look forward to helping illuminate your unique healing sound experience.” 

"Ann is an amazing person and epic sound healer. Her life path has allowed all her skills to meld into an ability that feels other worldly to me. It is as if she can channel the cosmos to create experiences where one can easily connect to their higher self and the cosmos to see and manifest a life truly worth living.  
- N. Lebzelter

Session to select the perfect bowl

Why float on the surface of peace, when you can ​​SUBMERGE! 

This signature sound session will help you completely submerge in the healing sounds and vibrations. Access states of deep relaxation and whole body healing with this total sound immersion.  You will recline on the "Immersion Bed" and experience the calming warmth of crystal and metal BLISSbowls™ played on and around your body. Next, the sonic harmonics from the OM Gong will create a mind-expanding experience that and awakens consciousness to bring you into dialogue with your inner voice of truth.

"I suffer from severe anxiety. Ann's calming voice and demeanor set me at ease immediately. The "immersion Bed" is absolutely incredible...I want one! It surprised me how easily I was able to trust and relax and receive the entire experience. My anxiety took a complete 180! I'll be back for sure!
- M. Reed

"Ann has created the perfect sound experience.  The womb-like sound chamber is the ideal space to intimately experience Ann's thoughtfully curated instruments in deep comfort.  The session was personal, sublime, and profoundly moving.  Highly recommended.  I can’t wait to go back!"  
- T. Rumsey



...a potent path to


Discover which singing bowls actually resonate with you OR what bowl plays well with your existing singing bowls. This session is specially designed for the serious bowl-buyer that wants to ensure they are paired with the right bowl for their specific needs. I'll even offer a complementary personal training session on how to play and meditate with your new bowl. 

Play and Select the right Bowl, 30 min. - FREE                                                                       

Individualized instruction and coaching is offered in person or on-line via Skype or Facetime. Whether you are a seasoned "healer" and want to add the benefits of bowls to your practice OR just want to learn how to make meditation easy and fun, this class will give you the tools you need. Handouts included. CLICK HERE for more information.
Personal Training with Bowls: 30 min. - $45,   60 min. - $90,   90 min. - $125                                                         

singing bowl PRIVATE LESSONS

Custom-created session, event, seminar

From Keynote Speaker to backyard gathering...the gong and bowls make your event MEMORABLE!  I will custom create an event that exceeds your expectations for education, transformation, entertainment and healing. To check out other events I've done or get some NEW ideas for a gathering, CLICK HERE.

Minimum to haul instruments to your location: $500 + Quote (taking into account mileage and time to create your event)



​​​Ann Martin     BLISSbowls™ Creator/Instructor      martin.ann@live.com     303-378-6250

Mile High Healing Vibe​ 


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