Here is what a SoulSound™ Session looks like:

  • Prepare: Select an Angel Card to help you clarify your intention and pick out a beautiful stone heart to commemorate your time.
  • Open: Select your “heart-bowl” from a variety of Himalayan singing bowls; it will be your comforting companion for the session. Learn to play the bowl several different ways.
  • Clear: Standing, you receive the soothing sounds from a floating bowl that clears and smooths the auric energy fields around the body and prepares for deeper work.
  • Center: Seated, you experience the bowls played in your hands, on your feet, and up the chakras, front and back, and directly on areas of pain or muscle constriction.
  • Release: Place your heart stone in a large metal bowl and play counterclockwise to liberate negativity and reveal a new vision of wholeness, inspired by the circles of sound.
  • Balance: Work with a metal bowl inverted on the head, to unblock negativity and balance both sides of the brain. Give the mind permission to see layers of colors inspired by the bowl.
  • Cleanse: Filtered water is placed inside a quartz crystal singing bowl as you impart your intention, playing clockwise. Drink the infused water to literally “take in” a new vibration.
  • Transform: Play the 38" Wind Gong and experience a deeper sense of self with every tap of the mallet. Practice receiving with the whole self. Experience a state of “no-mind.” Feel vibrations travel through your physical form. Create a state of pure presence.

Session to select the perfect bowl

What people need right now is an opportunity to take part in their own wellness journey. Laying passively on a massage table and falling asleep or giving all your power over to a therapist to "fix" you is not the most potent path to transformation. 

Discover which singing bowls actually resonate with you OR what bowl plays well with your existing singing bowls. This session is specially designed for the serious bowl-buyer that wants to ensure they are paired with the right bowl for their specific needs. I'll even offer a complementary personal training session on how to play and meditate with your new bowl. 

Play and Select the right Bowl, 30 min. - FREE                                                                       

Individualized instruction and coaching is offered in person or on-line via Skype or Facetime. Whether you are a seasoned "healer" and want to add the benefits of bowls to your practice OR just want to learn how to make meditation easy and fun, this class will give you the tools you need. Handouts included. CLICK HERE for more information.
Personal Training with Bowls: 30 min. - $45,   60 min. - $90,   90 min. - $125                                                         

singing bowl PRIVATE LESSONS

Custom-created session, event, seminar

From Keynote Speaker to backyard gathering...the gong and bowls make your event MEMORABLE!  I will custom create an event that exceeds your expectations for education, transformation, entertainment and healing. To check out other events I've done or get some NEW ideas for a gathering, CLICK HERE.

Minimum to haul instruments to your location: $350 + Quote (taking into account mileage and time to create your event)



​​​Ann Martin     BLISSbowls™ Creator/Instructor     303-378-6250

Mile High Healing Vibe​ 


I have devised an innovative experiential therapeutic experience called "SoulSound™ Sessions" where YOU orchestrate the sounds that feed your soul. With a little guidance, you can play the singing bowls and gongs on your own behalf; to calm the mind, relax the body, and connect with a deeper sense of Self. Direct and create the sacred sounds while receiving the musical medicine in its purest form: directly from YOUR hands.

SoulSound™ Sessions engage all your senses, boost creativity, and sharpen your awareness. Explore the vibrational landscape that you orchestrate. Uncover new answers to questions and guidance from a deeper source.


Discover where the sound will take you...and what wisdom lies in the silence.
I am your guide, and you are the Sound-Master. Come PLAY and awaken your own unique SoulSound™!

​COST: Individual = $110, 70-minutes     /     2 People = $180, 90-minutes

LOCATION: Home Studio in Centennial, CO.

​BRING: Questions, issues, pain, frustration, fatigue...bring your SELF, and all that encompasses. 


From Ann Martin:
“I welcome you to my sacred sound studio where you will find crystal and metal bowls, gongs, harps, and a variety of other potent sound tools. My goal is to share the power of Music as Medicine and look forward to helping illuminate your unique healing sound experience.” 

NEW: SoulSound™ Sessions