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Mile High Healing Vibe​ 



  • ​Break Blockages
  • Release Ritual
  • Voice of Intuition

This "touch-free" session will help you re-boot the brain and deeply relax the body with the sound and vibration of 50 instruments! Simply relax, recline and receive the potent frequencies that serve to relieve stress, decrease pain and center your whole being. Choose your goal:

  • Align Chakras
  • Grounding with OM
  • Deep Visioning​​

Sound Session with Bowls: 75 min. - $90 

Session to select the perfect bowl


"Ann, I just wanted to let you know how very profound the session was for me.  In addition to the beautiful visual memories of my Dad that flooded my heart during the session, I wanted you to know about the ongoing deep sense of peace that I've had ever since.  Thank you SO very much.  Your work is so profound."

"I've never been so deeply relaxed in my life! I feel like I'm floating...and that's 4 days since my session."

"This is the only way I have found to stop my stupid brain from being busy all the time! Singing bowls are a magical medicine to me. I can't wait for my next treatment!"

(This video was produced for the Spa Industry to show the benefits of BLISSbowls™ to their clients.)

PRIVATE SESSIONS - Not available until further notice






Discover which singing bowls actually resonate with you OR what bowl plays well with your existing singing bowls. This session is specially designed for the serious bowl-buyer that wants to ensure they are paired with the right bowl for their specific needs. I'll even offer a complementary personal training session on how to play and meditate with your new bowl. 

Play and Select the right Bowl, 30 min. - FREE                                                                       

Experience a rejuvenating harmonious flow of energy and vitality. In this treatment, you will be bathed in the multidimensional tones of the 38" mighty Chinese Wind Gong, OR 30" Paiste Planetary Earth Gong from Germany. In addition, a hand-held Atlantis gong can be incorporated. These gongs create a mind-expanding experience and relaxes the body and awakens consciousness with waves of powerful resonance.

Individual Gong Immersion: 75 min. -$90 

Personal gong immersion session:

Individualized instruction and coaching is offered in person or on-line via Skype or Facetime. Whether you are a seasoned "healer" and want to add the benefits of bowls to your practice OR just want to learn how to make meditation easy and fun, this class will give you the tools you need. Handouts included. CLICK HERE for more information.
Personal Training with Bowls: 30 min. - $45,   60 min. - $90,   90 min. - $125                                                         

singing bowl PRIVATE LESSONS

Custom-created session, event, seminar

From Keynote Speaker to backyard gathering...the gong and bowls make your event MEMORABLE!  I will custom create an event that exceeds your expectations for education, transformation, entertainment and healing. To check out other events I've done or get some NEW ideas for a gathering, click here.

Minimum to haul instruments to your location: $350 + Quote (taking into account mileage and time to create your event)

You have never experienced therapeutic massage or bodywork like this before! This unique experience  incorporates gentle massage, restorative bodywork, hot stones, essential oils, and soothing vibrations from the singing bowls used directly on tight muscle groups. Truly a blissful experience for body and soul. (See what a BLISSbowls™ session looks like by scrolling to the bottom of this page.)
Therapeutic Massage with Bowls: 75 min. - $90