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Mile High Healing Vibe​ 


After 10 years of concerts and events, these are the peoples' favorites!

Kick start your sound concert business with these creative scripts and outlines. Adding this little bit of structure to your creative sound event, can give you that confidence you might need to pull off a new event. Each script contains all the important components that make a meditative sound concert a success. For example:

  • Gathering  – While your audience gathers, there are lots of ways to involve them right from the start. 
  • Welcome – Thank everyone for coming and introduce yourself, and a personal invitation to some upcoming events.
  • Theme – Each script has a general theme for the gathering .
  • EducatePeople need to know some of the benefits of a sound concert and why it is valuable to them.
  • Settle in - A relaxation ritual, breathing exercise, or a visualization while you walk an instrument
  • Concert – Combine the circles of sound from different instruments. 
  • Gong Climax -  Project unconditional LOVE as you wash the audience with these waves of sound and vibration. 
  • Silence - After a period of silence, your event should have about 10 minutes left. 
  • Ending - Offer a few last words that pertain to the theme.
  • Decompress - help the audience return to the present moment 

For the price of one person's ticket to your concert, you can own these scripts forever. Once paid, the script will be sent via email for you to download and creatively change to fit your style. Substitute your instruments for the ones suggested in the scripts. To purchase, click on the title or the button below:

"Crystal Chakra Clearing"

This interactive event helps people experience their chakras like never before: through sound, vibration, visualization, toning, and much more.


"Soul of Summer"

This meditation celebrates summertime and focuses on expanding colorful visions around the beauty of summer.


"Fall Equinox Celebration"

This meditation uses decorative paper leaves with a "Gift of Fall" written on each one for participants to meditate with and take home.

"Elements Meditation"

This meditation contemplates and celebrates the elements Air, Fire, Water, and Earth in a very special sacred sound concert.

"New Year Visioning"

This meditation celebrates a new year and offers inspiration for visioning with special questions for contemplation.

"Nothin' But Sound"

This meditation awakens creative consciousness and uses sound as inspiration.  

"Silent Night"

During the hustle and bustle of the winter holidays, a musical meditation like this one will help guide the audience back to the silence, for restoration.  

** INTERACTIVE PRESENTATIONS & SOUND BATHS - For Corporate and Business Events

Scripts for PURCHASE:  

"Deeper Sound Journey"

Lead your audience into receiving, breathing, listening, relaxing and connecting DEEPER! Sound is the vehicle to help them experience a deeper peace than ever before.

** MEDITATIVE SPECIAL EVENTS & SOUND BATHS - Solstice, Equinox, Holidays, Seasons


scripts &


** THE MEDITATIVE SOUND BATH - For General Audiences (using mixed bowls and gongs)

"The Color Meditation"

Guide your audience through a mind-expanding meditation where they will see Sound as Colors!

"Comfort and Joy"

This winter holiday meditation spotlights the quartz crystal singing bowls, but can be used with any combination of instruments.

"Living the L.O.V.E."

This heart-opening meditation guides people into Living One Vibrational Energy...Living the LOVE!

"Wisdom from the Bowls"

Set aside troubling thoughts for a moment and let the bowls remind you that when negative things come our way, we have a CHOICE.


Experience more gratitude and abundance as this meditation leads you to appreciate your body, your special gifts, and the inner self.


"The Ocean Meditation"

All the senses are called upon in a guided visualization of the Ocean. An Ocean drum or soundtrack of ocean waves will enhance this meditative experience.

...for Mind-Blowing Meditative Concerts!

** INTERACTIVE PRESENTATIONS & SOUND BATH - For Seniors and Assisted Living Situations

"Singing Bowls for Seniors"

Gather a "senior" community and watch faces light up as they work with the bowls themselves and then experience a sacred sound concert.

** THE MEDITATIVE SOUND BATH - Using Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

"Un-Masking the True Self"

This meditation is especially good to use around Halloween! It uses breath work and visualization to access the road to the True Self.

"Submerged in Sacred Sound"

A simple mantra is used to submerge deeper into meditative bliss.


This meditation uses the visualization of a springtime seed to help ease the mind through difficult transitions.

"Gongs, Gifts, and Gratitude"

This winter holiday gong sound bath also offers each participant a small rose quartz as a gift that they can use in the meditation and take home.

"Spring Equinox Celebration"

This meditation encourages visuals of springtime and painting with spring colors, as inspired by the sounds from the instruments.

"Bowls Full of Springtime"

Perfect script to celebrate spring with a small group. You need to have a metal bowl for each person to experience the sound and vibrations firsthand.

"Relax and Renew"

Any age group will enjoy this interactive presentation that features opening circle clearing ritual, history and uses for bowls, sound and vibration experiential, and sound concert to connect mind, body and heart.    

All sales are final. Due to the nature of this transaction, there are no refunds. Some sections of the scripts are repeated in other scripts.



Experience a true connection and expansion of the inner self by focusing on the circles of sound in this meditation. Effective breath-work is also a part of this unique script.

"Inner Stillness"

A hand-held gong is walked through the audience or stationary gong and bowls are used in a special spoken meditation to journey within and find deep peace.