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"I' can't wait to use the new skills I learned from Ann. As a parent, I just wanted to help my kids focus better for school and have a sense of groundedness in their crazy computer-centered lives. Ann helped me buy a bowl and actually use it successfully with my kids."    Barbara L.

"When I first got my GONG, I didn't know what to do with it!  Ann took plenty of time to help me get started and laid a foundation of useful information that I continue to use to this day."   Micky M.

"I've used singing bowls for a while now but I didn't know how to help my friend after her surgery. Ann provided useful techniques and support that gave me the confidence to be effective under difficult conditions."    Lynda C.

"Ann suggested I keep a singing bowl in my desk drawer at the office and taught me some easy, quick ways to de-stress during my work day."   Carina R.

Private, Customized, One-On-One Instruction with Ann Martin


"I've always wanted to sing with my bowls but was too embarrassed . Ann taught me how to "tone" with my crystal singing bowl. I love creating vocal sounds with my bowl and it really helps me release and relax after a hard day."   Kimberly S.


  • Did you just get a bowl or gong and want to know how to play it and meditate with it many different ways?
  • Have you mastered the bowls or gong and want to take your skills to the next level?
  • How about some advice on integrating singing bowls and gongs into your profession?
  • What about learning some special skills for working with kids, seniors, sick people, or animals?

  • Want to learn how to sing with your instrument for fun, stress relief, and healing?

  • Would you like to know some self-care techniques to easily balance chakras, reduce anxiety, release negativity or stop mind-chatter?

Email me your agenda, questions, bowl/gong goals, frustrations, etc. and I will customize a private class tailored to your specific needs. Your training can take place online via ZOOM or in person at Ann's sound studio in Centennial, Colorado. Bowl-coaching sessions also make a great gift! 

** The first 10 minutes are FREE! ** 

Then call, text or email to set the date and time for your class. This is a private lesson. ONE person per class please!

** ​Online training classes for GROUPS are also encouraged. Contact Ann for special pricing **

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Private Singing Bowl & GONG  Lessons via ZOOM or In Person!