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Mile High Healing Vibe​ 


​It's just you and the 36" OM Gong; for 60 minutes of glorious gong wisdom and healing vibrations. Get to know this amazing healing instrument as it guides you to deeper layers of consciousness. This is YOUR sound story...there is much to discover:​​

  • Create your own soundscape using 12 different mallets
  • Play as loud or soft as you like
  • Paint with gong sound colors and tone textures
  • Witness the expression of gong sounds on your brain
  • Learn to meditate with the gong to achieve "no-mind"
  • Leave with a higher vibration, clarity, and insight
  • Your session ends with chocolate and an affirmation


You Become the Sound Master!

Here is what a SoulSound™ Session looks like:

  • Open: Select your “heart-bowl” and learn to play several different ways..
  • Center: Experience breathing the sound and guiding vibration in the body for centering.
  • Release: Use a bowl to liberate negativity and reveal a new vision of wholeness.
  • Balance: Unblock negativity and balance both sides of the brain; see sound as color!
  • Cleanse: Use sound to impart your intention into water then drink; “take in” a new vibration.
  • Transform: Play the 36" OM Gong and experience a deeper sense of self with every tap of the mallet. Practice receiving with the whole self. Experience a state of “no-mind.” Feel vibrations travel through your physical form. 

I have devised innovative experiential therapeutic experiences where YOU orchestrate the sounds that feed your soul. With a little guidance, you can play the singing bowls and gongs on your own behalf; to calm the mind, relax the body, and connect with a deeper sense of Self. Direct and create the sacred sounds while receiving the musical medicine in its purest form: directly from YOUR hands! Explore the vibrational landscape that you orchestrate. Uncover new answers to questions and guidance from a deeper source. You are the Sound Master. Come PLAY and awaken wholeness!

Gong-Path Session

SoulSound™ Session

SoulSound™ Session