• OM Gong by GongLand - This contemporary 36" powerhouse gong from Germany is a remarkable healing instrument. It creates "sonic harmonics;"  from the deep, warm fundamental tone, to the expansive overtones, building to a complex crash. The tone of OM is described as, "the totality of all sounds, the symphony of all time and space." To internalize and reflect on this sound, is to connect the mind, body, and soul to Source. 

  • Rectagong, by Wom - Handmade in Italy, using mainly stainless steel alloys, these "Rectagongs" offer a sound placed between that of the gong and the bell, offering stable and linear frequencies like a bell, but with the tendency to open and resonate high frequencies, typical of a gong. These small rectangular gongs are extraordinary for the long duration of their well defined tones.

  • Atlantis Gong - This 16-inch hand-held gong is used to "float" over resting bodies to bring the healing vibes "up close and personal." It is an unusual "unlathed" gong described as dark and mysterious  with different coloration and random, varying harmonics and overtones.

  • Perseus Harmonic Overtone Stainless Steel Tongue Drum - This extremely expressive instrument is created by Liquid Light Acoustics in Germany and is lazar-cut to produce full, warm harmonics and overtones without a "metallic" sound. Its haunting A-minor tuning invites the singing bowls into a homogeneous mixture of delightful sounds and vibrations.​

  • Monolina Monochord by Feeltone - This beautifully crafted stringed instrument from Germany, creates magical harmonies and enchanting overtones that help the mind entrain into a calm and meditative state. It is used both in concerts and on the body in private sound sessions.

  • Bajinn by Ortal Pelleg - The newest member of the sound family comes from Israel where it was individually hand-crafted. The Bajinn is a combination of a bamboo acoustic shell and aluminum tubes that are suspended by strings to produce an acoustic decay time of up to 45 seconds. 

  • Sansula, by Hokema Kalimbas -  This German Sansula is a lovely iteration of the kalimba, with an ethereal sound quality. The sound is extremely delicate, dreamy and carries a long sustain. The tuning makes it possible to intuitively create beautiful melodies with the monochord.

  • Himalayan Singing Bowls - The multi-layer tone of these instruments lasts as long as 3 minutes. The varied harmonic overtones produced by each bowl, plus its complex frequencies, are highly prized by a wide range of professionals, including healers, shamans, musicians, spiritual teachers and even doctors. Great care was used in choosing my family of bowls so  they would play well together with very little dissonance. 

  • Quartz Crystal Singing BowlsQuartz Crystal Singing Bowls are made from over 99.9 percent pure quartz crystal. The crystal is placed in a mold and heated to 4000 degrees. They produce one single, pure, beautiful tone. I have several bowls that are infused with precious metals and healing stones.

  • Crystal Lyre- This hand-made harp is created in Germany and offers hollow quartz crystal tubes to emanate pure crystalline sound. It fills a space with stunning harmonics and indescribable overtones.

  • Crystal Singing Pyramids - These unusual instruments awaken all the chakras at once and sends the mind into creative mode with the unique sounds. When played, the pyramid spins and sends out spiraling resonance that helps the body relax in a floating blissful state. The dimensions of each pyramid are scaled to the same dimensions as the Cheops Pyramids in Egypt.

  • Spiral Rain Stick - This hand-made instrument from Rainstick Dreams is as beautiful to watch as it is to listen to. The pale white-blue glass microbeads reflect light and shimmer as they spiral down birch dowels on their descent for 8 minutes, filling the healing space with sounds of gentle rain.

  • Whole Body Tuned Healing Chimes - Tuned according to the Pythagorean ratio, creating a musical Perfect Fifth. These chimes are made from heat-treated aluminum pipes and are hand-tuned, creating clean tones with long sustain and a great potential for emotional and spiritual healing.


  • Koshi Chime - This hand-made chime comes from the Great Pyrenees Mountains. The relaxing sound may leave you in quiet wonder as you find unexpected melody with every turn of the chime.

  • Rin GongJapanese temple bell. This machine made bowl, traditionally used in Japanese temples, are a mainstay of Zen meditation. Smooth sound, very relaxing with no shrill overtones!

  • Tingsha - These are made of a 12 metal alloy and will not break. Their sound is shrill and poignant so they are used to clear space, signal the beginning and end of a session, used as a diagnostic tool, and can project energy.

  • Ganta & DorjeThey are the primary ritual tools of Tibetan Buddhism. Always kept together, they represent many layers of intricate symbolism and meaning and are used in almost all Tibetan ritual ceremony, chanting and sacred operations. Ganta (bell) = wisdom, female energy. Dorje (thumderbolt) = compassion, masculine aspect. When used together, they help break up and direct energy.

  • Ocean Drum- Amazing sounds of ocean waves. This unique drum is great for relaxation and meditation.

  • Song Pods - These beautifully handcrafted instruments are like nothing you've ever heard. The sound has been described as songs of fairy dust, or musical rainbows. Your own imagination and heart will be stirred awake when you experience them. All pods contain meteorite granules, Iroquois healing crystals, antique seed beads, mysteries, magic and other secrets… along with 30 individually welded parts inside each pod.


  • Shaman's Rattle - Raven feathers and beads adorn this authentic Shaman's rattle. The subtle sound of the gourd seeds help soothe the psyche, smooth the aura, and clear blockages.

  • Ceremonial Drum - Vegan 16" Buffalo "Black Earth" hand-held drum with heart vibration and pitch works to provide bassy beats for clearing consciousness. 

  • Human Voice I am a professional vocalist/musician with 40 years of singing and performing experience. I help people create their own vocal sounds that can bypass the mind, release obstacles, access creative and healing energy and awaken the self to a "higher consciousness." 



70 Instruments!


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"Forging a gong is like creating a door to the entire universe,

playing it is like opening that door and listening to its breath."

"I have acquired a special family of instruments that all play together in harmony to quiet and balance the brain while diminishing stress in the body. I also draw upon my 40-year career as a professional musician to create intricate soundscapes and colorful meditations for audiences around the world."

Ann Martin