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Clearly, I don't do any magical healing - I am the conduit for the healing energy. It's my job to create a sacred and safe space for optimal healing to occur and hold the intention for your highest and best good. In addition, the bowls don't do paranormal healing work either - they create the vessel for change. With these two components in place, the healing that needs to take place within you is more likely to occur. I am honored to be your guide in this process.

The bowls and the facilitator magically perform the healing work.

I am a crazy "Sacred Sound Advocate" that spreads the good word about the benefits of the bowls on the human brain every chance I get. I teach and facilitate groups on the "Wonders of Singing Bowls" and the "Greatness of Gongs!" I put a bowl in the hands of ADHD children, the elderly, the grief-stricken, and cancer patients...anyone who is willing to receive. And guess what happens to each face when you put a bowl in a hand? Without exception, the face lights up! The chattering brain stops for a moment and there is a glimmer of hope and a whisper of curiosity and a peek at the soul. These sacred sound instruments have the capacity to bring people together and bring individuals closer to true consciousness. Every house should have a singing bowl!

The client or audience should not touch the sacred sound instruments.

My 20 years as a Bodyworker has taught me that all healing sessions begin by focusing on the individual and their needs. My goal is that YOU receive the healing work your body and psyche craves and we will work together to discover what's effective for you. Through bowl meditations, guided imagery, or powerful gong-work, my focus is always on your highest good and your goals for wellness.

The bowl or gong facilitator stays silent, seemingly self-absorbed.

Whether I'm one-on-one with a client in a private sound session or creating a sound immersion event to an audience of over 100, there is participation! I teach the value of toning, chanting and mantra music because it is proven to be empowering. Creating your own sacred sounds that vibrate through your own body is an intimate and effective way to calm the mind and soothe the body. Once people learn how to produce their own sacred sounds, they are able to continue the work between our healing sessions.

The client or audience is a passive receiver of the sounds.

A rich variety of instruments are played to create a vibrational environment that is both interesting and effective. For example, the ocean drum is a favorite among my clients because it complements the sacred sounds of the bowls by presenting a background that sounds like a day at the beach. The ocean wave sounds, in communion with the waves of vibrations from the bowls, produce a harmonious and restful result. My goal is to weave together a variety of sound textures to produce a vibrant tapestry of sound.

Only Tibetan bowls are played, no other instruments.

BLISSbowls™  approach


Singing bowls are played randomly without regard for what might sound nice to the ear.

BLISSbowls™ :

A Modern





My background as a musician and singer gives me an advantage when it comes to creating a harmonic layer of sound that is pleasing to the ear; not distracting and cacophonous. Because I select bowl groups that blend well together, my clients and audiences experience deeper relaxation, faster. My 20 years as a Bodyworker has taught me that all healing sessions begin by focusing on the individual and their needs. Through bowl meditations, guided imagery, breath work and powerful gong immersions, my job is to create a sacred and safe space for optimal healing to occur.