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Ann Martin has been playing meditative concerts for over 10 is an online video collection of all your favorites!

Ann Martin has scripted, shot, edited and produced FOUR HOURS of  musical meditations.  Just relax with a good set of headphones as Ann plays a meditative concert just for you.

Experience 5 different types of "listening meditations" to see which style resonates with you. Over 50 different instruments are played in these harmonically beautiful meditation experiences captured on video. This program provides many opportunities to stop the mind chatter that is characteristic of the  modern mind, and bring the the brain to a place of peace. Just by truly listening to the sound and vibration from metal and quartz crystal singing bowls, you can quickly connect with pure consciousness. Tune-in to whole-body healing, including stress reduction, release of negative feelings, improved immunity and wellbeing.

Once you have experimented with all of the different ways to meditate, pick and choose the ones that resonate with you and come back to this video again and again to broaden your exploration of paths to "No-Mind."

Anyone can enjoy and benefit from meditation with the beautiful and exotic music from the bowls. In addition, the more you listen, the more you train your brain to stop wrangling with the distractions of the world and focus on just one thing...The Present Moment! Let's get started and learn to focus and center with the sacred sounds of singing bowls!

Singing Bowl



BLISSbowls™  Meditation Methods Offers These Personal Sound Concerts for Transformation and Awakening

“To meet everything and everyone through Stillness instead of mental noise is the greatest gift you can offer the universe.” 

— Eckhart Tolle

"I fall asleep to these meditations every night. Something about the singing bowls is so relaxing...makes me forget the stresses of the day."

"When you can't get to a REAL concert with the bowls, this is the next best thing!"

"I played some of these meditations for my friend who is in the hospital since I wasn't comfortable taking my singing bowl there. The 'Elements' series were her favorite."

"I played some of these meditations for my friend who is in the hospital since I wasn't comfortable taking my singing bowl there."

"When I can't get my kids to calm down, these meditations work every time. The visualizations in the guided meditations really help teach them a better way of finding self-control."

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