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Mile High Healing Vibe​ 


Experience your meditative mind in new and exciting ways! Sound and vibration from a bowl will teach the mind to focus and remind the body to relax so you can quickly and easily reap all the benefits of meditation time.

  • Improve focus
  • Boost creativity
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Solve problems
  • Release negativity
  • Improve visualization
  • Increase intuitive skills

​​Green = meditation for clearing the mind
Blue = meditation for relaxing the body
Pink = meditation that involves the breath
Purple = meditation for specific chakras
Orange = meditation for general use

Breath Bowl

POSITION: Seated, with the bowl near the nose and mouth.
PLAY: Gong or tap the bowl and breathe in the healing vibrations. Draw them deep into your being.
POSITIVITY: “I breathe deeply and release my grip on my concerns”

"The cards are fun to use with my grand kids. They love my singing bowl and the cards help them learn how to calm themselves in a fun and engaging way."

"I'll never run out of ways to use my singing bowl now! Ann Martin has created a quality deck of imaginative ways to use my bowl...who ever thought you could RAP with a singing bowl!!!"

"I use the cards with my support group. The cards are simple enough so anyone can follow the instructions and experience the power of the bowls. I can't wait to take them to my church group."

"I have a friend who is ill and in a lot of pain. I never knew how I could help her with a singing bowl but the cards gave me so many ideas that now I feel confident to march into her room and be effective! These cards are amazing!"

"I feel like "Pro" now with my bowl. Who knew there were 70 ways to use it? The cards gave me ideas on how to use singing bowls with my work will never be the same!"

"Through the cards I have discovered new ways to meditate and relax. The cards are a fast, easy and fun way to center and prepare for the day or unwind at the end of the day. "

  • Stop mind-chatter
  • Breathe deeper
  • Relax tight muscles
  • Soothe pain
  • Release anxiety
  • Ease depression
  • Experience the chakras

Grab your singing bowl and learn to use it 70 ways!

Here's What People Are Saying:

Position: Seated, with the bowl in a flat palm.
Play: Focus on the sound and follow it into silence. What wisdom waits there?
Positivity: “As I become still, ideas surface and I prepare to take inspired action”

A singing bowl is your ticket to finding peace in a crazy world. BLISSbowls™ Meditation Cards can help you and your singing bowl access the healing powers of sound and vibration to transform body, mind and spirit. This amazing deck offers 70 unique ways to find deep relaxation, stop mind-chatter, improve focus, expand creativity, and connect with the True Self.

Tips for Use:
​Use these cards with any size or kind of singing bowl; metal or crystal, large or small. Each card features simple instructions on how to play the bowl, a specific focus for the meditation and an affirmation to contemplate. It is most important to use the cards as simply a starting point for inspiration. Let the bowl help you explore beyond what is written on the card and develop your own creative, intuitive approach. Expand into your own ideas and be circles of sound. The general ideas on the cards can be modified for use with other individuals, children, teens, seniors and even groups.  Whether you are experienced or novice, young or old, well or compromised...the singing bowl and these cards can be your vehicle to successful meditation and relaxation.

Here are two different ways to use the cards for individual meditation:

  1. Spread out the cards face down and pick one at random to guide and inspire your meditation time.​
  2. Spread out the cards face up and choose a card that relates to your needs at the moment. The different colors represent a specific focus:


After working with these cards, you will have a complete understanding and appreciation for your singing bowl. Here is a partial list of results you can expect:

These decks are professional quality and beautifully packaged in a gold satin pouch with instructions. In fact, they would make a perfect GIFT for someone special. Each multi-purpose deck costs $38.00. (Cards are not shipped overseas at this time.)


****Singing bowls sold separately. CLICK HERE to learn more about purchasing an authentic, beautiful singing bowl to use with these cards.

Position: Fill the bowl with a little water. Place the bowl on tips of fingers.
Play: Tap and slosh the water around in the bowl. Think of ways to add “flow” into your day.
Positivity: “Today I reclaim an easygoing approach to life” 

POSITION: Seated, with the bowl on your knees.
PLAY: Gong or tap the bowl. Notice grounding vibrations traveling down the legs and connecting with the earth.
POSITIVITY: "I stay rooted and grounded in the truth of my Being"




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