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Medical Conditions

In April 2009, Massage Magazine published another article on the healing benefits of sound as a new-old method of healing. Author, Zacciah Blackburn relates how sound healing is a rapidly rising field that straddles both ancient and modern technologies. He discusses how sound is being used to address ADD and ADHD, autism, depression and other extensive health issues . Mitchell Gaynor, M.D. also mentioned in the article for his work with sound in cancer treatment, continues to document remarkable improvement rates using sound with his patients.

Mitchell Gaynor, M.D. is a New York Oncologist who has written a book called "The Healing Power of Sound". Dr. Gaynor does not take on a new patient unless they are willing to engage in sound therapy including therapy done with bowls. In all his years of experience he has seen more improvement with patients when he utilizes conventional medical cancer treatment in conjunction with sound therapy consisting of chanting, music therapy and bowl therapy. His book is a must read for anyone who wants to recover from cancer while using conventional methods. In one chapter Dr. Gaynor relates the various ways in which music and sound therapy change physiology. He reports that sound therapy: reduces anxiety, heart and respiratory rates, reduces cardiac complications, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, increase of immune cell messengers, lowers stress hormones, and boost the body's natural opiates. For more on this, view the video above.

An article in entitled, "A Peaceful Return to Health" published in Alternative Medicine magazine in April 2002 provides further information about the benefits of sound in healing. "Fear blocks healing. You can't heal if you're terrified. The first thing you've got to do is get to a place of peace." Sound therapy assists in releasing stress and then fear. The author relates information from a sound healing researcher who reports that there is evidence that the relaxation response and brain wave entrainment into alpha/theta created by sound therapy, strengthens the immune system.

Because singing bowls initiate the relaxation response, they have a profound healing influence on these and other conditions:

Generalized anxiety disorders
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Rheumatoid arthritis
ADD, ADHD, Autism