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"I' can't wait to use the new skills I learned from Ann. As a parent, I just wanted to help my kids focus better for school and have a sense of groundedness in their crazy computer-centered lives. Ann helped me buy a bowl and actually use it successfully with my kids."    Barbara L.

MENTORING:  For BLISSbowls™ Graduates Only

"I've used singing bowls for a while now but I didn't know how to help my friend after her surgery. Ann provided useful techniques and support that gave me the confidence to be effective under difficult conditions."    Lynda C.

"Ann suggested I keep a singing bowl in my desk drawer at the office and taught me some easy, quick ways to de-stress during my work day."   Carina R.

Private, Customized, One-On-One Instruction with Ann Martin


"I've always wanted to sing with my bowls but was too embarrassed . Ann taught me how to "tone" with my crystal singing bowl. I love creating vocal sounds with my bowl and it really helps me release and relax after a hard day."   Kimberly S.


  • Did you just get a bowl and want to know how to sing it and meditate with it many different ways?
  • Have you mastered the bowls and want to take your skills to the next level?
  • How about some advice on integrating singing bowls into your profession?
  • What about learning some special skills for using bowls with kids, seniors, sick people, or animals?

  • Want to learn how to sing with your singing bowl for fun, stress relief, and healing?

  • Would you like to know some self-care techniques with bowls to easily balance chakras, reduce anxiety, release negativity or stop mind-chatter?

Email me your agenda, questions, bowl-goals, frustrations, etc. and I will customize a private class tailored to your specific needs; complete with handouts. Your training can take place in-person, or on-line via Skype or Facetime. Bowl-coaching sessions also make a great gift! 

The first 10 minutes are FREE! 

Choose your class length:

Then call, text or email to set the date and time for your class: 303-378-6250 / 

I will also send you a brief questionnaire so I can maximize our time together, making every minute count! 

Looking forward to meeting you and your bowl soon!

I noticed when you left class, that you were wide-eyed, overloaded, and overwhelmed. This in normal after a singing bowl class. I’ve been teaching this information for a long time and what I know for sure: singing bowls can calm the mind to a meditative state which is NOT conducive to retaining a lot of left-brain information!

I see this after every class…there is excitement, fatigue, and sensory overload. These are by-products of working with the bowls in a RECEIVING capacity (calming the mind, relaxing the body) AND working in a GIVING capacity (practicing techniques, remembering content). So when it comes to actually incorporating what you’ve learned in the days following class; most times students draw a blank. And then, in the days to come, all this information melts into oblivion and the BLISSbowls skills that were learned and practiced, are not revisited.

As the originator of the BLISSbowls Healing Method, I want to fix this. You paid a lot of money to learn and incorporate singing bowls into your practice to help people and increase your profits.

Here is my solution:

I’d like to offer an opportunity to MENTOR you, one-on-one, in a private phone call or Facetime or Skype. I can keep you motivated and moving forward with your new skills, help with marketing ideas, offer guidance with difficult clients, and assist with creative solutions to frustrating roadblocks. Just a 30-minute interaction per month will help maintain your enthusiasm and connection to the singing bowls that you experienced on the first day of class.

I’m suggesting we meet together for 30 minutes, for 6 months. You pick the time that’s convenient for you. I am available to focus on YOUR specific practice and your unique frustrations. We can work them out together so you can meet your “bowl goals.”  I’m offering a deep discount off my typical hourly rate because I want you to use these skills, change lives and save money so you can BUY MORE BOWLS! Right?

Just $25 for 30 minutes for 6 months and you are launched…reinvest in your mission to help others with the power of sound and vibration from singing bowls. I’m here for you, and ready to help you unlock the healing potential of your bowls.

Private Singing Bowl Lessons and Mentoring!


  • In-Person
  • Skype 
  • Facetime