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Mile High Healing Vibe​ 



Inspiring locations and interesting gatherings centered around the healing sounds and vibrations of singing bowls and gongs. JOIN ME!

Regional Sales Meeting: crystal bowl concert to launch new line

Christmas party musical meditation and gong bath™ for volunteers

"Modern Meditation Techniques" class, LearnOn Workshop

Gong meditation for large event called "Positive Vibrations"  

"How to Meditate With Singing Bowls" stress relief for employees

Mother/Daughter bonding event with singing bowl ceremony/meditations

​BLISSbowls™ treatments for 3-day conference plus concert

​Meditative concert with 40 singing bowls and 6 gongs for large group

4-day retreat with singing bowl concerts, meditations and experientials

​Gong Chamber booth and Gong Sound Bath for general public

Singing bowl experiential and meditative concert for 50 women

Free classes, "How to Meditate with a Singing Bowl" for general public

Sacred sound concert and gong immersion for aerial yoga class

Full day of private gong and bowl healing sessions for participants

House-warming party, meditation and space clearing with gong and bowls

Private Party: group hands-on healing and sound meditation

"Gongs in the Gallery" Gong immersion and sound journey amid the art

Crystal singing bowl music for for live art performance: AVALANCHE!

Yoga and singing bowl meditation and interactive for Bartenders

Opening singing bowl meditation for Hospice Volunteer Retreat Day

"BLISSbowls™ Buffet"...learning to play and meditate with many bowls

Gong Concert with bowls and breathing meditation in the salt caves

Keynote speaker providing interactive presentation and gong meditation

Singing bowl training class for resident enrichment team

"End of Life BLISSbowls™" featured speaker, interactive presentation

"Finding God through Sacred Sound" interactive meditative experience

Crystal singing bowl music and meditation

Crystal Singing Bowl Concert / Fundraiser (Sock It To 'Em Campaign)

BLISSbowls™ presentation, meditation and concert

Winter Solstice celebration/ceremony with Gong Immersion

Yoga class accompanied by bowls and gong concert

"Finding PEACE Through Singing Bowl Meditation" group class

"Glow-in-the-Dark" class with crystal singing bowl accompaniment

"Elements Meditation" under the trees

"Boosting Your Creativity With Sound and Vibe" Keynote Speaker

"BLISSbowls™ Techniques" class and meditation

"BLISSbowls™ Techniques" class and meditation

Crystal singing bowl event

Featured Speaker in World Religion class

Singing bowl and gong concert and meditation

"Chakra Clearing" class with crystal singing bowls

"BLISSbowls™ Meditation Techniques" class and concert

Yoga class instruction to musical singing bowls

Singing bowl concert under the stars!

Yoga in the Park - live music from singing bowls

​"BLISSbowls™ Techniques" class

​Space Clearing Ritual with bowls and sage

Outdoor BLISSbowls™ sessions for fund raiser

Post surgical healing work - reduce pain and stress

Memorial Service with singing bowls

Key-Note Speaker and singing bowl demonstration

4-hour FREE meditation for CD launch

BLISSbowls™ Class for middle school kids

"Releasing Meditation" and concert with singing bowls​

​Mannington Commercial Flooring - Gaylord Convention Center

Happy Dog Ranch & Horse Rescue - Littleton

Instructor at Metropolitan State College - South Campus

Opening Act for Jewish Community Center Fundraiser

​Udemy Corporate - Downtown Denver

Private Backyard Party - Greenwood Village

​Women's Conference at Denver Marriott South, Park Meadows

​Winter Solstice at Sanctuary Studio - Denver

Wild Women Yoga Retreat - Des Moines, New Mexico

OmFest Colorado - Founders Green at Stapleton

Four Winds Wholeness Sanctuary - Castle Rock

Arapahoe Library System - several locations

​Aerial Yoga Studio - Greenwood Village

Live Worldly - "Healing Days" - Central Denver

Invisible City - Greater Denver Area

CorePower Yoga - Park Meadows

Westward Art Gallery - Tennyson Art District, Denver

Black Cube  LIVE Art Exhibit - Denver Water Treatment Plant

Gentleman Jack Spa Day - Lake House at Cherry Creek Res.

The Denver Hospice of Colorado - Downtown Denver

Southwest Intenders Group - Denver

5 Star Salt Caves and Wellness Center - Pearl Street, Denver

Circuit Media Corporate Retreat - Denver, CO

Holly Creek Retirement Community - Centennial, CO

Grief Networking Alliance - Pinnacle Hospice, Aurora

Imago Divina Church Service - St. Andrew's Church, Downtown

National Crime Victims Week Ceremony - Aurora PD

"Labyrinth Walk for the Homeless" - Palazzo Verdi

Someren Glen Retirement Center - Centennial

Peruvian "Despacho" Ceremony - Maha Soul, Littleton

Cherokee Ranch and Castle - Sedalia

​Colorado Veterans Community Living Center at Fitzsimons

​​CorePower Yoga "Glow Your Flow" - Lakewood 
Daniel's Park - Castle Pines
Rocky Mountain SCBWI Retreat - Colo. Springs
Red Hat Society - Lakewood   
Mystic Traveling Sisters Group - Castle Rock 
Indoor Labyrinth Meditation - DTC 
St. Mary's Academy - Englewood  
Kosha Yoga Studio - Littleton, CO  
CorePower Yoga - Park Meadows & Ken Caryl   

Greenwood Athletic Club - Greenwood Village, CO  
Colorado Athletic Club - DTC 
Summer Solstice Celebration - Private Backyard Event  
Geneva Park, Littleton, CO 
Goddess ISIS Books and Gifts 
Private Home - Littleton
Festival of Higher Awareness - Lyons, CO        

Anschutz Medical Campus  
Roxborough State Park                                              
Healing Touch Regional Conference - DTC            
The Sanctuary Center, Castle Rock      
Unity Church of Denver                                   
Grief Group, Greenwood Village

previous sacred sound events

I create and orchestrate customized events, concerts, classes and workshops that meet the needs of your specific audience. My goal is to produce a gathering that is memorable, educational, motivational and experiential.  

"I look forward to discussing the details of your next event and how sacred sound instruments can create 
a memorable, unique and effective gathering especially for you!"

**Contact Me!**

Animal Healings

Funerals, Wakes, Memorials

Churches, Prayer Groups, Meditation

Children's Gatherings, Schools, Youth Groups

Support Groups, Cancer Centers, Hospice

Retreats, Camps, Reunions, Get-Aways

Gong / Sacred Sound Concerts

Birthdays, Parties, Life Celebrations, Weddings

Corporate/Workplace Event

​​I will create a unique and memorable event that interests your specific audience and meets your unique goals for unification, relaxation, team-building, goal visualization, etc.

Guests at your next gathering will be fascinated by the memorable meditative music from singing bowls. Whether they are used for background music or as a solo, your guests will be talking about how unique and memorable your gathering was for years to come.

Gong/Bowl immersion events can take place anywhere there is space for people to lie on the floor and absorb vibration. A living room, basement, yoga studio or hotel ballroom; all become transformative, sacred spaces once the instruments begin to play.

Any retreat space is the perfect environment for a sacred sound and vibe experience. My bowls, gong and sound system are totally transportable. I am also willing to create a unique class, prayer, meditation, or ritual around your specific theme.

Anywhere people need a deep, inner healing, is a good place for sacred sound and vibe. Quality of life is improved due to reduced stress, pain and shifts in perspective that can lead to an experience of peace.

Children seem to understand the message of healing from the sacred sounds easily and quickly. They approach the bowls with curiosity and the gong with reverence.

Spiritual groups of any kind are interested in learning how the bowls can help broaden their spiritual path and deepen their connection to the Beloved. Centering prayer, sacred songs, meditations and instructional classes are all well received by churches of any denomination.

Creating a sacred space for contemplation and reverence is something the bowls do best. Singing "Amazing Grace" with the frosted singing bowls is comforting and fulfilling for an audience gathered for a memorial service. Most any favorite song can be adapted to the bowls.

Animals respond to the healing tones of the singing bowls and tuning forks. Horses, cats and especially dogs are receptive to the benefits of vibration.

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