BLISSbowls™ Meditation Cards for all!
Do you know someone with a singing bowl? They will love learning how to use their bowl 70 different ways! These decks make a perfect gift and are professional quality and beautifully packaged in a gold satin pouch with instructions. Each multi-purpose deck features color-coded cards for working with chakras, the busy brain, the uptight body, the breath and much more. This one-of-a-kind deck costs $30 plus shipping. 
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​​​Ann Martin     BLISSbowls™ Creator/Instructor     303-378-6250

Mile High Healing Vibe​ 


Prepare for your best New Year ever by taking a moment to envision what you truly want. Sound and vibration from singing bowls can calm the busy brain and relax stressed muscles so that you can access inner guidance. Here is what your 75-minute session will include:
* Ritual to release what no longer serves you
* Drawing an inspirational Angel Card
* Guided visualization to lead you into visioning
* Bowls played in Perfect 5ths to awaken consciousness
* Gentle Earth gong to clear chakras and meridians.
* "Abundance" essential oil, and much more!
Bring your journal to jot down your revelations! This session is $90. Call 303-378-6250 or email:

Bells will be Ringing...BOWLS will be SINGING! 
Sweet little singing bowls; all dressed up and ready to bring "heavenly peace." These 5-6 inch bowls are specially selected, easy singers, and sound amazing. Each comes with a pillow, striker and a deck of BLISSbowls™ Meditation Cards so the recipient can learn to use their new singing bowl **70 different ways!** They are specially priced so call to pick one out soon!

Give a Gift That Makes a REAL Difference in Someone's Life

Two NEW BLISSbowls™ Sound Sessions for Giving or Receiving:





Koshi Chimes ... the sound of MAGIC!
These wind chimes turn a basic breeze into dreamy, soothing sounds. They are hand-made in the Great Pyrenees Mountains and can be hand-held for meditation or hung outside. Listen to their unique song by clicking HERE. Only 4 in stock and selling for $68 each.

This session will help you experience all this season has to offer from a centered, grounded, and joyful place. The tone of "OM" is a specific frequency (136.1 hertz) that resonates with the human body and has been associated with calming, warmth and spirituality. In this 75-minute session, you will be encircled in this healing resonance and deeply relaxed in gentle vibrations. Your unique session will include:
* OM tingsha energy diagnosis
* OM tuning forks
* OM crystal & metal singing bowls

* OM bell to break blockages
* OM ambient musical sound track
You will even learn how to create your own sacred tones to keep you relaxed during the holiday hustle. Reward yourself or purchase a gift certificate for $90. Call 303-378-6250 or email: