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Leigh Ann Phillips - Award-winning singer songwriter, sound healing practitioner, lecturer, and teacher

I am feeling much more reward in looking at sound as a service rather than an occupation, and part of that has to do with my love of
working with the quartz-crystal bowls. The bowls have a way of permeating the boundaries of the unconscious and heart, allowing people to feel and hear their own inner voice, and the temple of their bodies. Hearing the bowls goes beyond words. Only people who have experienced and hear them understand the experience. The Tibetan brass bowls are certainly relatives of the experience, but there is something about the crystal bowls, for me, that enhance inward clarity.

Bethann Vetter - BA, LMT

I offer a Massage plus Bowls session. When bowls are used in conjunction with massage it allows the tissue to become softened and open thus allowing me easier manipulation and action within the tissue and acupuncture points. The client is more profoundly relaxed when 30 minutes of bowls is combined with 40 minutes of my massage technique which provides clients with the "natural high" feeling that results from the endorphin release. In addition, I work with a an LMT who has specializes in chronic pain resolution for the last 32 years. His experience with the bowls is that they help release embedded physical pain patterns through the sound and vibration going through the nervous system. 

Marlene LeClaire - I love using the bowls for chakra work and during Reconnective Healings. Oh the benefits! The tones soothe and relax my clients while relieving stress. I've used my bowls on clients with cancer to help bring them peace of mind and reduce pain. Everyone loves the sound of the bowls. I love sharing my bowls with anyone who's interested!!

Cheryl Adrienne M., CHom, LMT, CA
My practice of Massage, Reflexology & Clinical Aromatherapy has been transformed with the addition of Sound Therapy. I use Singing bowls (metal & quartz crystal), rain sticks, chimes & other percussion instruments. 
The first thing I became personally aware of while playing the Singing bowls was a feeling increased calmness by the vibrations coursing through my body. I like to use the sound from the bowls to center myself & clear/awaken my studio along with my Aromatherapy.

Client Feedback: body temperature changes, visualizations of colors, various explanations of sensations coursing through the body when the bowl is touching the client's body which is increased with heat; one client in particular had a major reduction of joint swelling & pain reduction 24-48 hrs after; most feel increased overall calming.

Client Observation: many clients fall asleep & snore after & during Sound Therapy; chatting quiets or greatly reduces; the client seems to relax to the point that, whatever goals the session starts with is achieved & seems to be exceeded from the client feedback with the addition of Sound Therapy.
I have attended BLISSbowls training class with Ann Martin, and continued after that with self study. To purchase a Singing bowl with Ann Martin is quite a journey, her musical ear is amazing!

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