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Mile High Healing Vibe​ 


Terry Terry - Healing Touch Practitioner, believes in bowls to help with centering & presence
The heat and vibration from the BLISSbowls offered undescribable deep peace, inner silence and relaxation. The singing bowls shut
down my busy mind; I was powerless to resist. The soothing sounds and vibrations get underneath the levels of stress and tension without any effort on my part. Truly a transformative experience. What a fantastic session! Even after the session, I felt things continuing to loosen, shift and align. I experienced deep muscle relaxation, and effortlessly slipped into an inner mental stillness.

Cheryl VegaRyan - Bought a bowl for meditation and relaxation
I have been receiving sound and vibration sessions for about a year now.  After every sound bath, I noticed that I experienced continued calmness for at least five days.  Not a common occurrence with 9 and 12 year old boys and two part-time jobs.  I purchased my first bowl about a month ago.  I was happy to find that just tapping the bowl and focusing on the sound for only a few minutes immediately helped me to relax and re-focus when I'm stressed.  Another motivation for having my own bowl was sleep.  I have an over-active brain at night. After I settle in for the night, I place the bowl on my chest near my heart and tap 4 or 5 times, letting the notes fully fade.  I'm still amazed at how quickly I feel relaxed and my thoughts start to drift aimlessly.  I'm usually asleep within 10-15 minutes.  There truly is something sacred about the sounds of the bowls and love that I can create that sound and energy whenever I need it. I also witnessed a bowl healing session with Ann and a good friend of mine who has acute symptoms of MS. The bowls worked wonders to reduce her pain and over-sensitivity to touch. BLISSbowls are powerful healing tools with the capacity to help anyone.

Amy Lawson - "BLISSbowls™ helped me through my cancer treatments"
When I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer, I was devastated. My cancer treatments were painful and debilitating; leaving me with depression and body aches. When my cancer doctor referred me to Ann Martin for a session, I thought to myself, "the LAST thing I need is a massage!" My BLISSbowls™ Sound Sessions were NOT massage; instead, I received "musical medicine" that calmed my mind and reduced my pain. I could not have completed my rigorous cancer treatments without this amazing alternative therapy to keep me sane and comfortable. During a time when I did not want to be touched, I could receive BLISSbowls™ Sound Sessions for physical and emotional healing to help me handle my cancer journey.

​Marion Nutt - Retired Pharmacist, long-time client, BLISSbowls™ advocate
I have been Ann Martin’s client for 20 years. She is a natural born nurturer and her joy in life is to help people. Her healing work helped to keep me functioning for ten years as a pharmacist. She helped my arthritis in my neck, elbows, hands, feet and legs. As her skills improved she added hot stones, moist hot packs, hot bamboo sticks and now the blessed bowls. I love the sounds of the crystal bowls and the gongs levitate me off the massage table. My favorite are the BLISSbowls™; Tibetan healing bowls used during the massage. The vibration of my blood and fluids through the bowls singing is incredible. You have to experience it to understand. I can feel it in the tips of my toes....the Qi energy is moving through the body much like in acupuncture. Ann helped me select and learn to play two Tibetan bowls for my personal use and I am an advocate of the benefits. My sinuses clear when I gong my “mother bowl” upside down on my head. I also love the Tuning Forks Ann uses directly on my sinuses. Ann keeps me healthy. When I couldn't get in to see Ann for an appointment, I actually did not feel well because my immune system was not cleansed thru massage and sound and vibration. I try to see her twice a month and I feel great. I also recommend Ann's BLISSbowls™ treatments to everyone I know. She is a real living angel.