"Walk With Me" is a relaxing meditation featuring aerial videography and singing bowl soundtrack. This 4 minute walk with Ann will clear your mind with sound and vibration from Tibetan bowls.  

"EXPAND" ...as we 'Shelter in place' it's easy to feel closed-in and small. This meditation will help expand the inner self with waves of resonance from the quartz crystal singing bowls. Feel your Self expanding outward...like circles of sound!

"New Vibration!" ** NEW ** This soothing 10-minute sound meditation can help you re-boot your brain and re-connect to Self. Enjoy the metal and quartz crystal bowls as they bring harmony and healing to times of stress.


"7 Minutes to Sanity" will stop the mind-chatter and relax the body with sound and vibration from ancient Himalayan singing bowls and quartz crystal pyramid. This little  7-minute break is the "re-set" you need in the crazy world!

"Night Flight" takes you on a 6 minute magical meditation through the night sky. The sound track features vocal toning, Koshi chimes, and quartz crystal singing bowls.

"Elements: WATER" This meditation is as beautiful to watch as it is to listen to. Images of water are set to a melodic concert of quartz crystal singing bowls. There is NO SPEAKING in this video, so you can use it to simply drift away in your meditation and fully submerge in the circles of sound.

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Mile High Healing Vibe​ 



"Gong Chocolate" The 38” Chinese Wind Gong produces the most delicious, thick, rich tones and yummy sounds to usher you into that place of pure presence and peace. Unconditional love flows thru this powerful manifesting instrument so focus on just the sound and allow these waves of resonance to wash over you.

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Sound journeys!

Meditations with BLISSbowls™  and gong...

just relax and enjoy!

"Memories of Sedona" is a guided meditation set to images of Sedona and the music of the singing bowls. Just sit back and relax as this 4 minute journey calms the mind and relaxes the body. This video is featured in the training video "Stress Bustin' with Singing Bowls"

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Four hours of blissful musical meditations is waiting for you; whenever you need a vibrational boost or soothing sound sanctuary. Experience 5 different types of "listening meditations" to see which style resonates with you. Over 50 different instruments are played in these harmonically beautiful meditation experiences. Here is your opportunity to stop the mind chatter that is characteristic of the  modern mind, and bring the the brain to a place of peace. Just by truly listening to the sound and vibration from metal and quartz crystal singing bowls, you can quickly connect with pure consciousness. Tune-in to whole-body healing, including stress reduction, release of negative feelings, improved immunity and wellbeing.

Just relax with a good set of headphones as Ann plays a meditative concert just for you. 

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"Stress WELL" How do we “Stress WELL?”
I always turn to the singing bowls because of their uncanny ability to calm the mind and relax the body. Part of their wisdom is they remind us to empty out what doesn’t serve us, and be open to input from a higher source.