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Mile High Healing Vibe​ 


Sound healing with BLISSbowls™ is "Hotter than Hot Stones" right now!

By combining singing bowls and bodywork, massage or energy modalities, clients receive a deeper more profound therapeutic experience.  Basically, the bowls are placed ON and AROUND the body to achieve a client’s goals for relaxation, transformation and healing. The result? ...pure Bliss! 
I see this as a profitable NEW service that will increase and diversify your business, mystify and excite your customers, and intrigue and support your therapists. So, after years of research and exploration into the healing powers of singing bowls, I have developed an
online certification course for spa therapists so they can learn on their own time and bring this amazing new modality directly to your business. This one-of-a-kind instruction is easy, inexpensive, and fast; so your therapists can begin incorporating singing bowls into treatments immediately! 

BLISSbowls™ Healing Methods

"I just want to say that I loved doing all of your courses.I  have learned so much and now feel much more confident about being a conduit in bringing the healing power of the singing bowls to other people and animals. I am so grateful for all your years of experience and wisdom you shared in your courses .Thank you."​                                                                                                                                         JA in Greece 

To date, I have received excellent reviews from over 3700 students in 96 different countries (that's 32 languages!) around the world...all of them learning harmonic healing skills to help others.

I hope you will preview the BLISSbowls™ Certification Series and contact me with any questions.

Ann Martin

a message from the creator of BLISSbowls™:

add a new treatment to your menu of services

I am really really pleased with all the knowledge I acquire from your courses! You have done a FANTASTIC job in each course, such rich and valuable information. I love the way you brilliantly present your work, it is inspiring indeed! I even follow your videos on YouTube regularly.                                  CS - United Kingdom


"Wow, just wow!! This is hands down the BEST Sound Healing Course I've  taken (and I've done quite a few!) Ann is an AMAZING teacher, the resources are super useful and the videos on how to conduct each session are right on point! Now I can say with confidence, I am ready to take my singing bowls more seriously. Excited about planning and working on some life transforming sessions with my clients. Thank you Ann!!"                                                                                                                                   CR - India

"Touch Therapies combined with Sound Energy Healing can calm the body, balance the brain, restore vitality and change lives."

This is why I developed BLISSbowls™ Sound Healing Methods and Certification for the professional therapist. Adding BLISSbowls™ to a bodywork or energy session creates a high-energy field through vibrational sound harmonics. When these frequencies and healing vibrations gently soak into bones, organs, tissues and cells, wholeness awakens and BLISS follows. Bringing BLISSbowls™ into a professional healing environment is a dynamic move toward helping the world bowl at a time.

I am a spa owner who bought this training for my staff so we can offer new treatments that include sound healing. Ann's training is inexpensive and comprehensive. My therapists watch these classes on their down time and have already started incorporating the bowls in lots of different ways. Our clientele love sessions with the bowls!                                                                                                                                 BA - USA

See what a BLISSbowls™ Session looks like!


Adding BLISSbowls™ to your spa menu will set your business apart from all the others.  BLISSbowls™ will increase and diversify your spa clientele; from “Regulars” looking for something different to the "Touch Sensitive” (cancer, fibromyalgia, PTSD; even those contraindicated for massage). BLISSbowls™ will also help you retain your most valuable therapists because they will make bigger tips and be able to work longer because these techniques saves their hands and are easy on their bodies.



BLISSbowls™ are a rare and distinctive offering. Many have heard of singing bowls but no one has experienced the benefits of bowls on the body: they are deeply relaxing for mind and muscles. Singing bowls used in this way makes for a memorable and transformational experience. Your clients WILL talk about it to friends! BLISSbowls™ Sessions are a great way to access Mind/Body/Spirit…the Wholeness Package. It's perfect for all body types, ages and conditions (no contraindications!) and also a way to access those who are “touch sensitive. In essence, this is a way to RE-INVIGORATE former clients, EXCITE existing clients, and ATTRACT new clients.



Saves Hands; Easy on the body; Double Healing: Therapist AND Client! 

Working with BLISSbowls™ doesn’t wear you out. Therapists experience increased energy working with sacred sound and vibration. Because these techniques saves their hands and are easy on the body, therapists can work longer and make more money. BLISSbowls™ amplify existing skills and techniques so they are easily incorporated into the therapists existing skills. 

Therapists LOVE using the bowls as a “New Tool” to break a pain cycle, relax stubborn tight muscles and promote relaxation through calming the client’s brain. Adding singing bowls to any typical massage will also command a lucrative up-charge PLUS increased tips due to the uniqueness of this session.

Certification only takes 7 hours and viewers can start and stop as needed, with no downtime from work. Once completed, all that is needed is a singing bowl and some clients!