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After years of research and exploration into the healing powers of sacred sound and vibration, I have developed special techniques for therapists who work in the healing arts called "BLISSbowls™." Basically, the bowls are placed ON and AROUND the body to achieve a client’s goals for relaxation, transformation and healing. The result?...pure Bliss! By combining singing bowls and bodywork, massage or energy modalities, clients receive a deeper more profound therapeutic experience. 

I am excited to bring this amazing, new modality directly to your business. Please contact me for this opportunity to learn more about this exciting new venture. I see this as a profitable NEW service that will increase and diversify your business, mystify and excite your customers, and intrigue and support your therapists.


BLISSbowls™ are a way to amplify healing techniques AND profits...a perfect fit for every business in the Healing Arts industry! 
I am excited to offer a way to increase and diversify your business, mystify and excite your customers, and intrigue and support your therapists. I look forward to partnering with you to provide this one-of-a-kind NEW service!

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Ann Martin

"Touch Therapies combined with Sound Energy Healing can calm the body, balance the brain, restore vitality and change lives."

This is why I developed BLISSbowls™ for the professional therapist. Adding BLISSbowls™ to a bodywork or energy session creates a high-energy field through vibrational sound harmonics. When these frequencies and healing vibrations gently soak into bones, organs, tissues and cells, wholeness awakens and BLISS follows. Bringing BLISSbowls™ into a professional healing environment is a dynamic move toward helping the world bowl at a time.

Over the course of my Healing Arts career, I have acquired over 50 different sacred sound instruments and incorporate them into every private healing session at my home office in Centennial, Colorado. I also draw upon my 30 year career as a professional singer/musician to select Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls that play well together for maximum "brain-balancing" abilities. I have a proven track record for successfully selecting hundreds of bowls for individuals and healers; carefully matching personal goals for transformation with budgetsand adding a satisfaction guarantee.

My passion is also teaching BLISSbowls™ to professional therapists and then watching how it changes their enthusiasm toward their work. My curriculum and workbook is developed from years of proven techniques and it is taught in an organized, fun and "hands-on" way. My classes usually consist of bodyworkers, energy workers, and healers of all kinds.

In addition to my private practice, I have developed a popular singing bowl meditation CD, "Submerged In Sacred Sound." I bring educational programs and workshops about the singing bowls to schools, churches, nursing homes, retreat centers and hospitals. I have also been honored to provide the 'key-note' address at several conferences.

​I look forward to providing you with any additional credentials or references so that we can do business together.

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BLISSbowls™ Creator/Instructor
Master Massage Therapist
Sound Energy Practitioner​


Adding BLISSbowls™ to your menu will set your business apart from all the others. No one else in Colorado is offering this exotic, new service. BLISSbowls™ will increase and diversify your spa clientele; from “Regulars” looking for something different to the "Touch Sensitive” (cancer, fibromyalgia, PTSD; EVEN those contraindicated for massage). By incorporating a new service, you will have a big reason for a sophisticated marketing splash; not just “$39 massage special” or “try our new Pumpkin Lotion.” There is also a dynamic retail opportunity that offers increased revenue when patrons buy bowls, increasing your “per visit” sales. BLISSbowls™ will also help you retain your most valuable therapists because they will make bigger tips and be able to work longer because these techniques saves their hands and are easy on their bodies.



BLISSbowls™ are a rare and distinctive offering. Many have heard of singing bowls but no one has experienced the benefits of bowls on the body: they are deeply relaxing for mind and muscles. Singing bowls used in this way makes for a memorable and transformational experience. Your clients WILL talk about it to friends! BLISSbowls™ Sessions are a great way to access Mind/Body/Spirit…the Wholeness Package. It's perfect for all body types, ages and conditions (no contraindications!) and also a way to access those who are “touch sensitive. In essence, this is a way to RE-INVIGORATE former clients, EXCITE existing clients, and ATTRACT new clients.



Saves Hands; Easy on the body; Double Healing: Therapist AND Client! 

Working with BLISSbowls™ doesn’t wear you out. Therapists experience increased energy working with sacred sound and vibration. Because these techniques saves their hands and are easy on the body, therapists can work longer and make more money. BLISSbowls™ amplify existing skills and techniques so they are easily incorporated into the therapists existing skills. Therapists LOVE using the bowls as a “New Tool” to break a pain cycle, relax stubborn tight muscles and promote relaxation through calming the client’s brain. Adding singing bowls to any typical massage will also demand a lucrative up-charge PLUS an opportunity to receive a percentage of a retail bowl sale. The uniqueness of this kind of session also means increased tips. BLISSbowls™ Training is also beneficial to therapists because learning a new technique usually means increased excitement, interest, and morale in the workplace.

Contact meto see how BLISSbowls™ can prove to be a "Sound" investment!