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Mile High Healing Vibe​ 


Why float on the surface of PEACE, when you can be...


"SUBMERGED" is used in schools, hospitals, offices, and home-settings to bring peace and centeredness to any hectic day.




4. "Gift of Peace" - Tibetan and Crystal bowls combine frequencies and tones to fully relax the mind and body. A gentle stream flows through this meditation; reminding the subconscious mind to "release" any clutter with circles of sound and  float in the gentle current of life.

"Breathe" - This little poem is set to the Tibetan singing bowls as they are played in intervals of 5ths; a dynamic healing interval that has potential to spark creativity and bolster confidence. Participate in this meditation by breathing IN and breathing OUT as instructed by the words you hear. My voice is perfectly timed to help slow and deepen your breathing while you relax into the sound, vibe, and gentle raindrops.

"Waves of Sound" - What could be more mystical and transformative than singing bowls at the beach? This final track is 44 minutes of pure joy and relaxation set to magnificent ocean waves. Just turn it on and forget it while you enjoy your dinner party, or do yoga, or drift off to sleep. These waves of vibration create a soothing sound sanctuary for body, mind and soul.

If you have already purchased the CD, here are some notes to help you achieve maximum enjoyment with each track:
1.  "Preparing the Body, Mind, Breath and Heart"  - Take 9 minutes and discover how to receive sacred sound and use the vibrations to stay anchored in the present moment. The Tibetan Bowls help ground the Body, the quartz crystal bowls speak to the Mind, the Breath is portrayed by brushes on the gong, and finally the 30" Earth Gong  is instrumental in opening the Heart.

2.  "Submerged in Sacred Sound" - The title track of the album gets it's name from how people describe their Personal Sound Sessions; floating, effortless, supported, immersed, weightless, submerged. The ancient Tibetan bowls are played as the meditation is spoken. The listener might also notice a deep, bubbly underwater background that further envelops the mind and cradles the body. As you listen, feel free to silently repeat each line of the meditation to further focus the brain and eliminate any mind-chatter. I have personally repeated this meditation during the most stressful times of my life (awaiting surgery, during chemo, etc.) and experienced total surrender, centeredness and peace. It is fashioned after a meditation by Paramahansa Yogananda.

3. "I Relax" - This short meditation is perfect for those times when you need a quick, but potent slice of Peace in your day. The quartz crystal bowls create a beautiful , mind-balancing concert while a small fountain can be heard, bubbling in the background.

It is my joy and honor to extend some peace into your busy world. My new CD uplifts, inspires and relaxes even the busiest brains! I use my collection of exquisite, harmonically-tuned ancient Tibetan singing bowls and pure quartz crystal bowls to create an atmosphere  for total tranquility. Gentle and melodic, yet powerful, these sounds induce profound states of peacefulness conducive to healing, meditation, yoga, and sleep. I use my “musician’s ear” to combine tones and pitches that are pleasing to hear and easy on the nervous system. “Perfect fifths” are crafted into the compositions which stimulates creativity in the mind and has a harmonizing effect on the body. This CD will offer BOTH guided meditations and sacred sound concerts (no speaking) so the listener can choose what will meet their needs. After being "SUBMERGED" you will feel relaxed, renewed and refreshed!