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Mile High Healing Vibe​ 


Several different techniques are shown...

"My son suffers with ADD so I got him a bowl and Ann took the time to work with him;teaching him how to calm his own mind with the bowl. He uses it everyday and it's really helping!"

10 - 12 inch bowls:

  • Medium pitch, more mellow
  • Easy to sing the bowl with a leather or rubber striker
  • Nice for general meditation and healing work
  • Impressive sustain
  • Smaller bowls can be "nested" in these with proper padding
  • I like complex combinations and layers of sounds
  • I need a bowl that is virtually indestructible
  • I like feeling the vibration of the bowl; this​ is more important than a perfect pitch
  • ​I want to be able to walk with my bowl and easily transport it
  • I want to put hot water in the bowl (essential oil aromatics)
  • I want to use a variety of strikers: suede, leather, felt, stone, wood, gonger tools, etc.
  • I want 1 bowl that can do the work of many in terms of clearing chakras​

Answer these questions to narrow down your search based on your needs, wants and desires. ​Feel free to call me with any questions: 303-378-6250 or simply give me your criteria and I'll get started. You are gonna love this bowl!

​​What Size?

Singing bowl returns:

"As a music teacher with very sensitive ears, I was doubtful there was a bowl for me. All the bowls I heard didn't seem magical until Ann taught me how to truly LISTEN to the layers of sound in each bowl. She found me one with a perfect "healing 5th" interval in it and I couldn't be happier!"

10-12 inch bowls: ​

  • Low pitches, very mellow, many layers of sound
  • Easy to sing the bowl with a leather striker and gonger tool
  • Nice for general meditation and healing work
  • Extreme vibration, soothing to the body
  • ​This size will fit inverted on the head
  • Usually heavy, over 4 pounds

8-9 inch bowls:

  • High pitched sound
  • Difficult to sing the bowl with a leather striker
  • Very little vibration
  • ​Works well in hand, not on body

You have 15 days to return your singing bowl, strikers, and pillow. They must be returned in perfect condition. A 10% re-stocking fee will be applied to cover the cleaning and sanitizing of the bowl, mallets and pillow, adjust financial books, re-label the bowl and re-inventory it. The mallets and pillow may not be sold again as "new" so this also helps cover the cost of re-ordering these items. 

​​What Size?

"It is amazing what Ann does and I have a deep respect for her talents and expertise. I enjoy my singing bowls daily and I'm happy to refer others so they can learn from her as well."

13 - 16 inch bowls:

  • Lower pitches, very mellow
  • Easy to sing the bowl with a leather striker and gonger tool
  • Big circles of sound
  • Very fragile and heavy 

Metal / Tibetan / Himalayan

3 - 6 inch bowls:

  • High pitched, simple, sharp, clear sound
  • Difficult to sing the bowl with a leather striker
  • Easily sings with wood producing a siren-type sound
  • Very little vibration
  • ​Works well in hand, not on body
  • I like a pure, soaring sound that is one pitch
  • I don't mind if the bowl is fragile or breakable; I don't plan on moving it much
  • I look forward to singing and toning with my bowl
  • I require a bowl that relates to a specific chakra
  • I require a bowl that has perfect pitch or specific frequencies
  • Feeling the vibration is not as important as the pitch; I probably won't be using the bowl ON the body​
  • ​I want to light up the inside of the bowl to create a beautiful art object
  • I want to energetically "charge" water for drinking or for use in essential oil mixtures.

Singing Bowls exist...

to awaken those places in your life that have just been waiting to be stepped into, so you can actually operate from a completely different place that you ever imagined possible.

"I cannot express how much I have enjoyed my new singing bowls, they are truly blissful and will be cherished.

Thank You for the care in packaging the bowls for travel as I saved it all.  Thank You for inviting me in to your 
home and allowing me the complete experience how to select and use the bowls and cards, it was very helpful. 
Thank you again for sharing your gift with someone who is a novice to was greatly appreciated."

Which bowl is right for me?

Frosted Quartz Crystal


7 - 9 inch bowls:

  • Medium pitch, more mellow, layers of sound
  • Easy to sing the bowl with a leather striker
  • Nice for general meditation and healing work
  • Moderate vibration
  • ​Works well in hand and on the body
  • Usually under 4 pounds

I can't wait to get a singing bowl!

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​​​People depend on my expertise to pick a phenomenal bowl.

My musical background helps me pick singing bowls that sound incredible. I've placed thousands of bowls that people never get tired of listening to. I make the bowl-buying process easy and fast. Whether you want to use it for personal meditation or professional healing work, I can provide you with a quality singing bowl that meets your specific criteria and save you time and money in the process. I have wholesale agreements with several trusted importers so I know your bowl will be authentic and an excellent price. I listen to bowls on-line, on your behalf, and select one that meets your criteria and sounds absolutely  drop - dead AMAZING.  ​Want to give a bowl as a gift? I have some perfect suggestions for you that will be in your budget. Bowls arrive in about a week and come complete with appropriate playing tools and colorful pillow. Both crystal and metal singing bowls are available NOW!