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Dear Ann,

I wanted to share with you the most amazing experience I had yesterday.  At my last Holistic Chamber of Commerce meeting, I had a new guest attend that was a horse trainer.  She and I started to converse about my passion for horses and the desire to work with them through the bowls.  Well, yesterday, I was invited to come to a farm in Thermal, CA where 60 horses reside.  I had a chance to work with 4 of her horses in "training".  

One was completely used to horse body-work the other 3 were not.  Nador, has had Tuning Fork therapy, so he was used to the sensations and vibration of the bowls.  I took a deep resonating bowl in the key of C#.  To say the expereince was short of AWESOME, would be an understatement!  At one point, you could actually see the horse going into a trance; and very much like humans, started grinding their teeth and big huge yawns (which I learned is a sign of complete mental rest and relaxation.)  The trainer was astonished at their response.  Also, I learned, that horses are plagued by flies; so I had taken essential oils that I had researched that were good for horses and flies; and guess what?  For hours, these horses got relief from no flies.

Just the fact that they are plagued with flies and the mental anxiety they have with these pesky biting, and annoying pests, combined with essential oils and the bowls, made for some very happy horses!  We are going to beta-test a few more times, but both feel we want to start offering this experience for people to connect through  the human/equine energy matrix, with the sound bowls connecting the two spiritual worlds....I knew it would be special, but I was blown away!  

By the end of the day, these 4 beautiful creatures accepted me into their pack.  The most beautiful experience was when walking back from this large track of land they have to graze, I was playing the bowls, and 4 horses (over 3,000 pounds each), were walking in complete unison with me the entire way.  Our stride and tempo were kept to the sound and timing of the bowls.  They didn't rush me, they just walked liked 4 friends having a stroll side by side.  It was like Debra was the Pied Piper of Bowls, and these magnificient creatures walked right along side of me back to their feeding area....I have attached pictures for your viewing pleasure!


Debra Hertzog
Managing Partner
The Wellness Movement Group