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Treating PTSD

with Massage


Singing Bowls

The video clip above features Ann Martin working on Bill Briggs, a client with PTSD. This is an actual testimonial from a new documentary film called ACRONYM: The Cross-Generational Battle With PTSD. The film takes a personal look at those who are experiencing, suffering from, and living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. This excerpt is from a section of the film that discusses non-traditional techniques found to be successful at treating PTSD, including group discussions, music therapies, massage, meditation techniques, and singing bowls. 

Singing bowls are ideal for working on clients who fall into the "Touch Sensitive" category - those dealing with chemotherapy, fibromyalgia, MS, depression, or other medical problem that throws the body into and overly sensitive state of being. Sound and vibration from the bowls is soothing to the mind and muscles and can help achieve a deep state of relaxation in a client who presents with acute stress. A singing bowl session connects body, mind, and spirit while activating the body's own self-healing abilities so the client can experience healing on many levels.