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Bowls for Horses!

One of my BLISSbowls™ graduates who lives in Palm Springs wrote an amazing account of her first experience using the bowls with horses. Click here to read about her horse encounter!

Bowls for Dogs and Cats

Here's a cute video showing the relaxing effects of Tibetan singing bowls on dogs and cats. Click here.

Animals have energy systems as part of their bodies in the same way that people do.

Chakras regulate the flow of energies through the body, both in an animals and humans. Chakras are the major centers of spiritual power in the body. Humans have seven major chakras and numerous minor ones. Animal chakras are larger than human chakras, are stronger and more active. Using focused intention, you can sound your singing bowl in one hand and touch the other hand to the chakra you would like to work on. You can also sweep the bowl through the energetic field, creating and infinity sign or spiral over the body of the animal. In some cases you can place the bowl on or close to the animal's body and sing the bowl to create healing vibrations. Give it a try!

As effective as sound energy healing with Tibetan bowls is for people, it is even more so with dogs, cats, horses and other pets. Animals have the capacity to hear more octaves and tones than humans. They, like small children live in present moment and do not complicate the treatment with 'pychology', 'stories' or 'monkey mind'. Partly because of this, animals are profoundly affected by the instruments.

Bowls for Elephants!

In April 2013 Linda Chambers went to Chiang Mai, Thailand and brought her singing bowls to help heal the elephants.  The Patara Elephant Farm was her destination. Who knew elephants would enjoy a sound therapy massage just as much as we do! Click here to see the whole story.

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