​​​Ann Martin     BLISSbowls™ Creator/Instructor     303-378-6250

Mile High Healing Vibe​ 


I carfeully inspect and wash each bowl. Stains or dark spots are removed and the bowls are gently polished.

Next, it's off to the piano to determine the notes in the bowl and mark it with important information for buyers.

It's such an exciting, happy day when bowls arrive!

This shipment is almost as tall as me.

Good thing I've got a little helper...

Each bowl is completely two look or sound the same. Of course, we have to sing them all!

I listen to hundreds of authentic Himalayan singing bowls online and pick out the very best ones. Each is carefully packed and comes with the appropriate mallets and colorful pillow. Zoe is on-hand to help shred the packing paper.

Finally, the bowls are ready for display. I'll bet there's one here that resonates with YOU! Call to set a time for a visit. A FREE bowl class is included with the price for your bowl!

Unpacking and cleaning up is exhausting! While Zoe naps, I've got a lot of work to do to get these bowls ready for new buyers.

** Find your "Forever Singing Bowl" at Ann's home office in Centennial **