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Here's What People Are Saying:

"I have been using the bowls in my practice with phenomenal results! So many methods and concepts as to how to incorporate the singing bowls into healing sessions. The workbook is something I'll reference again and again!   Kris J., LMT

"Your class carries a very powerful, vibrational presence and the healing from your style and gifts resonate deep within a persons soul."  Laurel V., LMT

For the Therapist:

  • Saves hands, easy on the body, increases energy
  • Amplifies intuition, focus and healing skills
  • Lucrative and unique addition to your menu of services
  • Sets your business apart from the competition
  • Bowls are a good investment; hold their value, never wear out.
  • Increase business by attracting new clients
  • Honors existing skills and merges with other modalities
  • No contraindications

"It was a totally enlightening experience and I so enjoyed all the information Ann gifted us with. So detailed and amazing; I can't think of how it could be better!"  Pat P., LMT

Here is what a BLISSbowls™ Session

can look like:

Live Testimonials from a recent BLISSbowls™ Class in Centennial, Colorado

ANYONE can use singing bowls in a healing capacity!

BLISSbowls™ Training will help you provide healing and comfort to others using the powerful sound and vibration of singing bowls. BLISSbowls™ LEVEL 1 and BLISSbowls™ Level 2 are fast-track programs where you gain confidence in your intuitive capabilities and acquire useful, practical techniques for using these powerful instruments in a therapeutic way. Special workbooks add the details for your training and are used in a classroom setting along with instruction, demonstrations, discussion, reflection, and hands-on practice. BLISSbowls™for Energy Workers is a shorter class for those who want an introduction to integrating bowls into an energy session. This 4-hour class offers handouts and a broad overview of therapeutic bowl use. Content for this class comes directly from BLISSbowls™ LEVEL 1​.

BLISSbowls™ LEVEL 1: An 8-hour course where you learn many different techniques using one metal singing bowl. The goal of Level 1 is to introduce the benefits of therapeutic singing bowls and present effective techniques that expand the practitioner’s capacity to effect change in a client’s body, mind, and spirit. The history of the singing bowls, the health benefits of sound and vibration, and how to improve focus with a bowl are covered. You gain skills to play the bowl 10 different ways on many different parts of the body. You practice and perform the techniques, as well as receive the work. You also study how to communicate the benefits of the bowls to your clients and learn how to lead a sound-based meditation at the start of every treatment. Most importantly, by the end of the day, you will have the skills necessary to create your own sound healing session and incorporate singing bowls into your healing practice!

BLISSbowls™ LEVEL 2: An 8-hour course that expands upon the basic skills and teaches how to work with more bowls in a session. You understand how multi-bowl layouts can incorporate sacred geometry to affect the energetic body with sound.  The power behind “Healing 5ths” is discussed and experienced. You see how to use the Quartz Crystal singing bowls in a therapeutic capacity and special precautions necessary while using these fragile instruments. Bowl selection and placement for optimal impact is discussed. Special instruction on how to use the bowls with the chakra system, the immune system, and other energetic practices is presented. You even create your own BLISSbowls™ Signature Sound Session to impress your clientele.

BLISSbowls™ for Energy Workers:

​This class is for energy workers of all kinds! Learn to use singing bowls to amplify energy techniques and to help heal and comfort many!
• Integrate bowl techniques into your existing skill set
• 9 “floating bowl” techniques to move and balance energy
• Assess and access the chakras with sound and vibe
• Experience the “double healing” benefits of bowls
• Create a unique “sound session” and much more!
Gain confidence in your intuitive capabilities and acquire useful, practical techniques for using a singing bowl in a therapeutic way. Detailed handouts will augment your training along with instruction, demonstrations, discussion, and hands-on practice. Expand your capacity to affect change in the body, mind, and spirit! Singing bowls are provided.

Benefits of the BLISSbowls™ Healing Method:
For the Client:

  • Provides deep relaxation, quiets mind-chatter
  • Aligns the chakras, flushes the meridians
  • Improves sleep, reduces depression, eliminates stress
  • Makes for a memorable and transformational experience
  • Perfect for all body types, ages and conditions
  • Accesses the Mind, Body, Spirit – the wholeness package
  • Effective for the “Touch Sensitive” (chemo, fibromyalgia)
  • Boosts immune system, reduces pain

Instructor – Ann Martin is a Sound Energy Practitioner and Master Massage Therapist. After 20 years in the Healing Arts and 30 years as a musician, she has developed this new modality to bring therapeutic singing bowls to all who wish to help heal and comfort others. Read more about Ann on the Bio page .

You Will Get:

  • Quality training that will add profit, value and distinction to your business
  • ​The chance to work with or purchase a variety of singing bowls
  • Useful workbooks and skills to use in your healing practice immediately
  • FREE mentoring and consultation
  • Valuable contact with other healers
  • The opportunity to give and receive this amazing healing work.
  • A certificate of completion

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healing method:

Using Therapeutic Singing Bowls to Amplify Healing Techniques