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Mile High Healing Vibe​ 


Ignite the power of Harmonic Healing with over 60 layouts

and diagrams that offer versatility and value for your sessions. Learn to use 2, 3, 4, or 5+ singing bowls to create layers of soothing sounds and vibrations that elevate the effectiveness of your healing work.

If you are an experienced sound healer and have used singing bowls to help others, you will be amazed at the variety of layouts that you can start using right away to add impact to your session.

If you are on the path to being a BLISSbowls™ Practitioner and have watched Levels 1, 2, and 3, at the conclusion of this video, Level 4, you will receive a special BLISSbowls™ certificate and join other healers around the world who use these powerful techniques everyday.

  • a physically easier session for you. When you ignite a bowl layout, you get to stand back and let the bowls do the work.

  • a magical, floating layer of healing harmonies for the client, that translates into deeper relaxation.

  • live, healing MUSIC for your client to absorb into the fiber of their being. Most people have never experienced restoration on this level.

  • heightened creativity and opportunity to elevate the effectiveness of your work.

  • new tone textures and healing frequencies from mixing metal and quartz crystal singing bowls effectively

  • an opportunity to know and understand your bowls in new ways; they will surprise you with new sounds and frequencies when blended with other bowls.

"Singing bowl


for Dynamic

sound HEALING sessions!"

What you will learn in this LEVEL 4: BLISSbowls™ Training:

Here's what singing bowl layouts can bring to your sessions:

  • Learn over 60 powerful layouts to experiment and practice with, including diagrams.
  • ​The importance of creating "Healing Harmonies” rather than dissonance.
  • ​Two different ways for finding bowls that sound good together, even if you are not “musical.”
  • ​How to create a “Bowl Family” that resonates with your healing work.
  • ​New tools and guidelines you need for successful layouts.
  • ​Reasoning and benefits behind layouts with 2, 3, 4, and 5+ bowls.
  • ​How to pack and transport mixed bowls for remote sessions.
  • ​Sample Signature Sessions using lots of bowls to inspire and support your work.
  • ​How to work a "Couples Sound Session" that blends and unifies the energies of 2 people.
  • ​How to work a "Seated Session" with with lots of bowls.
  • ​You will receive an official BLISSbowls™ Certificate of Completion, from Ann Martin personally, when you have completed Levels 1 - 4.

LEVEL 4: BLISSbowls™ Sound Healing Methods for Multiple Bowl Sessions