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Mile High Healing Vibe​ 


Here's what you can learn in this course:

  • A practical approach to using therapeutic singing bowls with the cancer patient and anyone who is "fragile" while going through health challenges.
  • How to use just one metal singing bowl to affect change in the healing journey of those who are sick, compromised, limited or in pain.​
  • Benefits of sound and vibration for the body, mind and spirit of health-compromised individuals.​
  • Working a healing session in a hospital, hospice, infusion center, or home environment.​
  • ​Free outlines and session ideas so you can start helping people in this demographic immediately!
  • How to work healing sessions when the client is in a variety of positions: on the floor, sofa, bed or recliner.​
  • ​Several techniques to guide a client into a meditative mind so they can receive your work on a deeper level.
  • Incorporating family members and friends into a sound healing session to help their loved one.
  • ​Helpful and memorable case study examples for you to learn from.​

Singing bowls amplify your intentions for helping those who need extra comfort and care due to cancer, sickness, ill health, disability, surgery, or other conditions. Even if you only have one bowl, you can open the door to truly helping someone that needs pain relief, deep relaxation, centeredness, comfort, and caring.

BLISSbowls™ Sound Healing Methods will help you use the powerful sound and vibration from singing bowls to boost the effectiveness of your work with those who are unwell or dealing with complex health issues. A singing bowl can unravel and diffuse anxieties on the part of the client, practitioner, care-givers and loved ones. Learn how to use your singing bowl to ignite the body's relaxation response; taking it out of anxiety and fear-mode, and into a more relaxed state where healing can take place on many levels. 


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     "I am emailing you as I have just started your new Udemy Singing Bowls course “for the sick, frail and fragile”. I am so looking forward to this course. I have already completed your four courses on Udemy on singing bowls and that has been so amazing for me on my journey of using these amazing instruments.
     I have now a collection of my own bowls that, without exaggeration has changed my life. I was ill with depression and anxiety for over 7 years and had to be treated medically to help stabilise my health. This was a very troubling time for myself and my family and I almost lost hope. But it wasn’t until I came across the use of Singing Bowls and your training that has given me lasting health benefits.
      I no longer suffer from anxiety or depression and have never felt so at peace with myself and my family and friends as I do now – I have become well again! As the result of using singing bowls for my own health I now start to use them at a local Buddhist Temple and have become an active follower of Buddhism which has heightened the benefits this spiritual path has given me that has had another boost to my general health and wellbeing. A truly marvellous journey for me.
      I now well enough to go back to work and I now work at my local Hospital in Bath in England and will, I hope incorporate singing bowls into the hospital – that is my mission/hope. So your new course on Udemy will, I believe,  have a direct and significant affect on my wish to get singing bowls into the hospital in order to help with patient recovery and wellbeing.
So thank you again for giving me the inspiration to not only helping me to recover but also to propel me onto my new spiritual journey to help others through the use of Singing Bowls."
--- Stuart

BLISSbowls™ Sound Healing Methods for Comforting the Health Compromised Individual