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BLISSbowls™ Techniques to Beat Insomnia

"I multitask all day so when it comes to sleep, I can't switch off my brain. Ann provides logical techniques with a bowl that are so simple, yet really work. I was amazed that I could take back control, silence my monkey-mind, and get to sleep." M.J. 

"There is nothing else out there like this to help with insomnia! I was blown away to think that a singing bowl could be used to help me fall asleep. These techniques really work. Ann Martin is a creative genius. " K.L. 

Your singing bowl can help prevent another sleepless night!
Singing bowls help stop the negative mind chatter that is characteristic of debilitating stress that lodges in the body and impedes sound sleep. Sound and vibration from metal or quartz crystal singing bowls is the quickest way to deploy the "relaxation response" so mind and body are prepared for rest.

This class is not just about putting on headphones and passively listening to sound!

Instead, techniques are taught that empower YOU to use your bowl as a tool for transitioning into sleep. Anyone can learn to use sound tools for sleep success. When you discover sleep-care with singing bowls, you also tune-in to nervous system reset, improved immunity, whole-body wellness, and a positive outlook on life! This video reveals the curative powers of proven sound-healing techniques with singing bowls to help you create a "Sleep Time Routine." A singing bowl is your tool to harmonize your entire being and equip yourself with techniques for YOUR unique sleep needs.

Even if you don’t have a singing bowl, you can follow along with Ann's meditative vibrations and soothing sounds.   

Ann has developed over 70 modern ways to unwind and enhance your life with singing bowls that really work! This video is part of a series of classes on SB relaxation. If you are not familiar with singing bowls or you are not sure how to play them, take the time to view
“Singing Bowl FUNdamentals” to get a good foundation and get the most out of this training.

Better Sleep with a

Singing Bowl

"The section on helping children get to sleep is so valuable! I didn't think there was anything that could help my kiddo wind down at bedtime. Who knew a singing bowl would become her favorite bedtime companion!" T.S.

"I love my singing bowl and never knew it had such power to help me relax and get to sleep! This course showed me so many creative ways to actually help myself with the bowl, instead of  self-medicating." D.H.

What you will learn in this course:

  • Learn how to use a singing bowl to relax the mind and body to initiate a good sleep.
  • ​Develop a new understanding of the benefits and versatility when using a bowl as a tool for deep relaxation.
  • ​Practice using "musical medicine" from bowls combined with visualizations to soothe and sedate the mind.
  • ​Enjoy 20 specialized bowl techniques and visualizations that can be used every night before sleep.
  • Explore which singing bowls are good tools for your sleep issues, and how to play them.​
  • ​Learn how to use your singing bowl to help children unwind and relax for bedtime.
  • ​Discover how to prepare yourself for sleep with sound and vibration, even when a singing bowl is not available.
  • ​Ignite relaxation in both a seated and reclining position.
  • ​Several soothing meditative sound concerts are offered, with bowls played in harmonically beautiful ways.
  • ​Create your own personal "Singing Bowl Sleep Time Routine" that you can use for successful slumber.