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Level 2: Singing Bowls for Energy Work:

BLISSbowls™ Sound Healing Methods for Integrating Bowls into Sessions

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Level 1: Singing Bowl FUNdamentals:

BLISSbowls™ Techniques for Surefire Singing Bowl Success!

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Becoming a Certified BLISSbowls™ Practitioner:

Complete all 4 Levels of online training and receive a personalized Certificate of Completion. 

This training is for students who want to work with singing bowls in a therapeutic capacity. Create your own sound sessions with confidence and affect the healing and comfort of others:

Level 1: Singing Bowl FUNdamentals – the essential foundation that all other levels depend upon.

Level 2: Singing Bowls for ENERGY Work – learning how to use bowls creatively in energy work and other healing sessions.

Level 3: Singing Bowls for BODY Work – effective use of bowls on the physical body to effect change in the muscles, bones and organs.

Level 4: Singing Bowl Layouts and Mixed-Bowl Sessions – How to use more than one bowl in healing work including layouts and mixed bowl sessions (both metal and crystal bowls).

These 4 Levels of training represent over 30 years of research, experimentation, and training from my family of bowls. If your goal is to help others, then here is a tool who’s whole purpose is to help the human condition. Together, you and your bowl can bring “Whole Person Healing” benefits to your world, thru the transformative power of sound and vibration.


BLISSBOWLS™ for Healers:  

  • Integrate Bowls into YOUR Practice

  • Become a Certified BLISSBOWLS™ Practitioner

BLISSbowls™ SOUND Healing Methods Classes

online in 2020!

Level 3: Singing Bowls for Body Work:

BLISSbowls™ Sound Healing Methods for Integrating Bowls into Sessions

**Available Now!**

Level 4: Bowl LAYOUTS for Sound Healing:

BLISSbowls™ Sound Healing Methods for Dynamic Multiple and Mixed Bowl Sessions

**In Production - Due out July 2020**

Benefits of Therapeutic Singing Bowls


BLISSbowls™ is a new and exotic experience that turns a typical massage or energy session into a Sound Sanctuary! Sound and vibration from Tibetan and crystal singing bowls are placed ON and AROUND the body to initiate deep relaxation for muscles and mind. BLISSbowls™ are perfect for those who are "touch sensitive" due to cancer/chemotherapy, PTSD, Fibromyalgia or traumatic event. In fact, BLISSbowls™ are perfect for every age, body type and physical condition. Here's how BLISSbowls™ can help:

BODYThe physical body loves sound vibration! When tuning forks and singing bowls are played on the body, muscles relax, breathing improves, pain subsides and the immune system is boosted.

BRAINSinging bowls speak the language of the brain. Beta brain waves actually slow to a meditative alpha/theta state to match the frequency of the sound waves around it (called "entrainment"). Kiss the "monkey mind" goodbye!

SPIRITThe quickest way to your inner voice of wisdom is through sacred sound. When the brain is calm and the body is at peace,  the stillness of the present moment can creep in; that's where you'll find pure consciousness.

ENERGETICHarmonious alignment and balancing of the chakra energy centers is easily and effectively achieved with sacred sound instruments. Vocal toning and mantra music can also clear blockages and elevate energy centers.


I have developed special techniques for professional therapists called “BLISSbowls™ Healing Methods” that incorporate the healing powers of singing bowls into therapeutic bodywork and energy sessions. Basically, the bowls are placed ON and AROUND the body to achieve a client’s goals for relaxation, transformation and healing. The result?...pure Bliss!

What Makes BLISSbowls™ Training Unique?

  • Singing bowls are used as TOOLS for creating change
  • There are no religious references
  • Developed BY a healing arts practitioner, FOR practitioners
  • Grounded in physical and energetic anatomy and physiology,
  • Practical training; honors therapists existing skills
  • No complicated or costly certifications
  • Opportunities for advanced instruction and mentoring
  • No other training like it out there!