"I use the metal bowls now in every treatment because of their effectiveness. My clients are under a different kind of stress right now and my bowl seems to magically melt that away and make them more at ease."

Here's what you can learn:

Amplify your healing techniques with a singing bowl used on the body!

BLISSbowls™ Healing Methods will help you use the powerful sound and vibration of singing bowls to boost the effectiveness of your sessions. Whether you practice Massage, Bodywork, Energy work, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Shiatsu; ANY modality can benefit from working a therapeutic singing bowl ON the body.

Massage therapists and bodyworkers love these techniques because sound and vibration has a profound impact on the physical body. This video will show you how to ignite "Whole Body Healing" by working the sound and vibration from a singing bowl directly into  muscles, bones, joints, and organs. A therapeutic singing bowl is an invaluable tool for helping dissolve trigger points, relax holding patterns, stop a pain cycle, and initiate the "relaxation response" so a client can receive your work on a deeper level. And the BEST news is: working with bowls is easy on your hands and body! 

Energy Workers love Level 3 because clients present a physical form that can benefit from sound and vibration in so many ways. Working the vibration directly into tight muscles is part of treating the Whole Person and can be very beneficial on so many levels. You will also learn about “Hot Bowls” and how they can boost the effectiveness of your energy session. 

online training:

Singing Bowls for

body work

  • How to use a singing bowl on the physical form to affect change in muscles, tissues, organs, bones, etc.
  • Advanced tools and techniques to integrate singing bowls into any healing modalities that work with the physical body.
  • Scientific evidence behind how sound and vibration impacts and benefits the Body and Mind.​
  • ​How to reduce pain, unwind muscles, and promote deep relaxation with just one bowl.
  • The secret behind "HOT Bowls"... why tight muscles love them and why clients ask for them every session.​
  • How to work "Therapeutic Bowls" on every part of the prone and supine body.​
  • ​For each body part, an "intention" is offered as to why you might work a certain area.
  • ​How a singing bowl helps your client receive your work on a deeper level.
  • ​Techniques for using quartz crystal singing bowls on the body.
  • ​How to work a singing bowl on the Seated and Side-Lying client.
  • Important "nuances" that turn your sound healing sessions into memorable, powerful treatments.
  • ​Sound-crafting a complete BLISSbowls™ healing session including a Sample Session to start using immediately.​


You will LOVE how sound and vibration affects the physical body!



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Mile High Healing Vibe​ 


Level 3: BLISSbowls™ Sound Healing Methods for Integrating a Singing Bowl into Sessions!

"Whatever did I do before HOT BOWLS! My clients love the hot bowl technique so I use it every session. What could be better than sound, and vibration, and heat altogether?!"

  • NEW and unusual tools!

  • NEW tried-and-true techniques!

  • NEW creative session ideas!

  • NEW ways to work with clients!

"Deep Tissue work is my speciality and I work on a lot of "tough" clients (literally!). The singing bowls seem to really help soften the muscle layers and facia so I can sink deeper with my work. Who knew!"