Amplify your Yoga Practice with Singing Bowls


This broadcast-quality video program was directed, shot and edited by award-winning producer:
Doug Hanes.

Doug agrees the singing bowls are powerful tools of transformation and has featured them in several of his documentaries including "ACRONYM: The Cross-Generational Battle With PTSD." 

Hours of detailed shooting and precision editing has yielded a training program that is coherent, easy to watch, and highly effective at conveying these unique skills. 

Also, a BIG thank you to Maha Soul Yoga Studio!Tracy Lawson, Owner, opened her doors to allow this video to be shot in her beautiful Littleton studio. She even supplied the actors!

Modern BLISSbowls™ Techniques to Supercharge Any Yoga Class

What you’ll learn:

  • Modern singing bowl techniques to enhance a yoga practice

  • Why singing bowls and yoga is a perfect pairing

  • Benefits of singing bowls for the yoga instructor, their business and their students

  • Science behind the power of sound healing instruments

  • How to take part in your own sound healing experience

  • Characteristics of crystal and metal bowls and which is right for you

  • Complementary sound instruments to use in a yoga practice (gongs, chimes, drums, etc.)

  • Tools and techniques for playing singing bowls correctly

  • Working the chakras with toning and sacred sounds from singing bowls

  • Incorporating singing bowls into a yoga session, start to finish

  • Performing a sound meditative concert

  • Getting the maximum effect with a limited number of bowls


​​​Ann Martin     BLISSbowls™ Creator/Instructor     303-378-6250

Mile High Healing Vibe​ 


"I just completed your video training. You have created a superb teaching video, especially geared to assist yoga teachers in bringing bowls into their classes, but also wonderfully accessible for the yoga student wanting to expand their own personal practice with the addition of healing sound. All of the suggestions geared for using the bowls in class were excellent and I intend to try a few of them soon!"

 "Everything about the video, from its well thought out script to its clearly presented and smoothly transitioned segments; its skillful videography and sound; the warm studio setting, and most especially, your calm, heart-centered wisdom offering--all of it TOP NOTCH and very professionally executed. What a superb effort! You continue to amaze me, Ann!"

"I do not hesitate to refer this video to 5 other yoga teachers. Thank you for reaching out to me to be a conduit for your business growth.  I hope this effort generates amazing response and continues to grow BLISSBowls in an exciting new way!" 

​"I have been thinking about adding singing bowls to my yoga practice, and this course on how to do so is exactly what I've been looking for! It is informative, easy to follow, and practical. The video demonstrations, coupled with the notecards and handouts, left me confident and excited to introduce sound meditation to my personal practice and students."

You can capture the interest of new students and actually BOOST the effectiveness of your yoga classes by adding one simple tool: Singing Bowls! Adding the power of sound and vibration to a yoga practice brings phenomenal healing benefits AND helps you stand out in the ocean of other practitioners out there. In this video, you will learn how to integrate these amazing tools into your yoga practice.

This one-of-a-kind training is fast and FUN and covers everything you need to know including: What to play, When to play, How to play, Why you play, and much more. When we are done, you’ll have the confidence to unleash the musical mysteries of singing bowls for yourself and your students. 

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