NEW: BLISSbowls™ Sound Sessions: Ann has maintained a thriving private practice for over 30 years and out of that experience came new forms of healing work called BLISSbowls™ Sound Sessions. Ann uses the bowls on and around the body to calm the mind and relax the body so energy techniques are more effective. These proven techniques stop the mind-chatter, deploys the body's 'relaxation response, reduces pain from stress-related maladies, and brings the individual to a BLISSFUL state of pure presence. For details about the new sound studio and the flow of a private sound session,


OTHER Private Sessions: Two new experiential sessions let YOU orchestrate the sounds that feed your soul. With a little guidance, you can play the singing bowls and gongs on your own behalf; to calm the mind, relax the body, and connect with a deeper sense of Self. Direct and create the sacred sounds while receiving the musical medicine in its purest form: directly from YOUR hands. SoulSound™ Sessions engage all your senses, boost creativity, and sharpen your awareness as it focuses on working with the singing bowls. Gong-Path Sessions explore the vibrational landscape that you orchestrate by playing the 36" OM gong, to uncover new answers to questions and guidance from a deeper source. To learn moreCLICK HERE.

Classes & Workshops: Ann teaches professionals of all kinds how to integrate the benefits of bowls into their work. Teachers, psychologists, hypnotists, nurses, doctors, caregivers, PT’s, musicians, ministers,coaches and many others have studied her BLISSbowls™ Sound Healing Methods to amplify their healing intentions in their professions. These one-of-a-kind techniques are offered on a worldwide education platform where anyone can learn these skills and help themselves and others. CLICK HERE to find out about online classes.

Concerts & Events: Ann's special collection of
sacred sound instruments create mind-altering effects for small group gatherings and large-scale meditative concerts. CLICK HERE to see a partial list of prior events and clients.

Career Highlights:
Keynote speaker for Healing Touch Regional Conference, DTC
Keynote speaker for Rocky Mountain SCBWI Retreat - Colo. Springs
Keynote speaker for Circuit Media Corporate Retreat – Denver

​Appointed "Expert" by IHG InterContinental Hotel and Resorts Group/Six Senses

Featured Recording Artist on popular MUSE/Meditation Studio App Released Jan 2021
Recording Artist – Meditative CD:
“Submerged In Sacred Sound”

Creator of “BLISSbowls™ Meditation/Activity Cards – 70 Ways to Use Your Singing Bowl”
Innovator and International Instructor of the BLISSbowls™ Sound Healing and Meditation Methods
Published Author – “BLISSbowls™ Level 1 & 2 Training Manuals"

Published Author -"Amplify Your Yoga Practice With Singing Bowls" featured in  CO YOGA + Life™ Magazine

Published Author - "Gong Bath™...What's all the Noise About?" featured in Discover Magazine

Published Author - "The Secrets in Singing Bowls" featured in ENERGY Magazine

Recognized authority on modern healing methods using singing bowls and gongs

​Producer/Director for internationally distributed, 5-star online training courses (97 countries, 33 languages):

​Inverview with Ann Martin


Ann Martin

BLISSbowls™ Creator/Instructor
Online Singing Bowl Training & Certification
BLISSbowls™ Healing & Meditation Methods



​​​Ann Martin     BLISSbowls™ Creator/Instructor     303-378-6250

Mile High Healing Vibe​ 


Ann Martin is a recognized authority on modern sound healing and meditation methods using singing bowls and gongs. She is the innovator and international instructor of the BLISSbowls™ series of 5-star online training courses, viewed in 97 countries and 33 languages, bringing a new level of insight around working with sound as medicine. Her 30 years in the Healing Arts and 40 as a professional musician, has made her a sought-after recording artist, published author, and keynote speaker. 

During the pandemic, Ann has continued performing innovative meditative concerts for audiences around the world via Zoom. Her focus, on creating healing harmonies with quartz crystal and metal singing bowls, is unique in the industry and highly effective for initiating lasting change in consciousness and deep relaxation in the body.

"Help for the human condition is here…in the form of a singing bowl!

My life’s purpose is to bring the healing message of singing bowls to people everywhere by showing them how to live happier, healthier lives through the transformative power of sound and vibration."
Ann Martin