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A Gong Bath™ is an ancient form of sound therapy to bring about release, healing, deep relaxation, and transformation. People recline around a gong and receive the waves of resonance for a duration of 20 - 90 minutes. German gong creators of Paiste gongs, are known as the leaders in hand-hammered, authentic and soundsational gongs. I use a Paiste "Earth Gong"  for my concerts and it is said to resonate with the same frequency as the Earth as it travels around the sun. In every gong concert, the sound climaxes to "very loud" at the end, for therapeutic reasons. Some people find this powerful presentation of sound to be inspiring; others find fear and withdrawal. The gong wants to teach us that when Life gets LOUD and chaotic, the best way to get through those times is to relax and ALLOW things to pass through. When we take the stresses of Life into our being, it can manifest as pain, physical problems, confusion, and discomfort. In this way, the gong is a ancient tool for our modern times; ready to change lives and alter consciousness. Here are just a few of the benefits of gong work:

· The gong induces a holistic resonance in the body and a spontaneous meditative state in the mind, resulting in a sense of expanded awareness and wholeness.

· Just as a body massage works out tight and knotted muscles, the "sonic massage" of a gong bath works out emotional issues that we need to release in order to move on.

· Energetically, gong work is the "fast-track" to clearing, unblocking and aligning the meridians and    chakras. The sound waves also amplify and carry intention out to the Universe for manifestation.

· A Gong Bath™ detoxifies the blood, harmonizes the cells AND re-boots and balances the brain.

· Waves of resonance from the gong penetrates the nervous system and invokes shifts in consciousness as it purifies the subconscious mind; stopping annoying mind-chatter and creating a sense of deep inner peace and stillness.

· Vibration produced from the gong will travel through the water that makes up these bodies; relaxing muscles, awakening the organs, penetrating the bones, and easing pain so you can disconnect from the superficial world and all the troubles associated with it.

· The gong evokes a deep, rich, intricate web of reverberations that quiets the mind, allowing a profound relaxation to take place; a state during which self-healing is more likely to occur.

· When the sound emitting from the gong becomes intense and loud, the pressure liberates the nervous system of fears or emotional impediment, allowing a sense of pure presence to evolve.

* Richard Rudis has trademarked the term "Gong Bath" so others are unable to use the term unless with his special approval.

benefits of gong immersion: