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BANGKOK – October 22, 2014

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In a holistic move to give added depth to all spa treatments and optimize guests’ well-being, Six Senses Spas will incorporate a signature Singing Bowl Ritual at the commencement and conclusion of every treatment.Using singing bowls for healing is based on the idea that a human body possesses a different resonant frequency.  The body is in a healthy state when each cell and organ resonates in harmony with the whole being.  When energy flow in the body is hindered, the affected area vibrates out of tune, causing illness. The sound frequencies created by the signing bowls restore the flow of this energy and bring about a state of well-being. 

The ritual begins when a skilled Six Senses Spa therapist gently strikes the singing bowl with a wooden wand at the guest’s crown chakra, gliding the wand around the rim of the bowl to create a soothing humming vibration within and around the body to enhance balancing and relaxation.The therapist then moves the singing bowl in a prescribed path around the shoulders and crown chakra, over the third eye, throat and heart chakras, coming to rest on the solar plexus chakra. Softly striking the bowl three times, symbolizes unity of body, mind and spirit of past present and future. As the vibrations travel through the body, the spa therapist moves her hands in a prayer position over the third eye, throat and heart chakras, setting an intention of bringing the guest into a state of harmony and health. This triggers a transformation of energy, making it more positive and healing.

Singing bowls are thought to have originated in the pre-Buddhist Tibetan Bon culture, hence they are often referred to as Tibetan Singing Bowls. Additionally, they are also historically present throughout the Himalayan regions of Nepal and India. Singing bowls can also be found in various manifestations in Japan, Korea, China and Mongolia.  Modern medicine now also recognizes sound as having immense healing benefits. Since the earliest times, singing bowls have been crafted from an amalgam of several metals. When ‘played’ with a wooden stick the metal bowl emits a soothing sound that assists in meditation and releases mantras.

(Six Senses Spas include 27 award-winning spas in 18 countries around the world. Over the next year, new spas will premiere at Six Senses resorts in Chengdu, China; Douro Valley, Portugal; Felicite Island, Seychelles and in partner locations in Muscat, Oman; Marbella, Spain; Pune, India and Mykonos, Greece.)

Relax with Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation at Talise Spa in Madinat Jumeirah
7DAYS September 18, 2014

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"Singing bowl sessions are an offshoot of standard meditation, the benefits of which have been widely accepted within the medical community for a long time now. Winnie, from Germany, explains: “Singing bowls work through the water in our body. The water is the carrier of vibrations going into all cells of the body. It is like a soft intensive massage of all cells, especially those cells that are weak or not in healthy condition. During a singing bowl sound journey someone is really connected with oneself and has the great chance to get back in harmony and reconnected to the inner being.” The basic science behind this unusual technique is the harmonization of sound waves. Given that our bodies are made up of 70 per cent water, the frequencies of the sounds of the bowls effects the body in different ways. This is a soul and mind enriching process that brings a balance and clarity to a person.” 

Singing the Praises of Tibetan Bowls: Claremont Hotel Club & Spa, Berkeley
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"After softening up my muscles with her deft hands, the practitioner placed five Tibetan singing bowls of different sizes and tones on my key core energy centers, a.k.a. chakras, up and down my spine. Traditionally the bowls are made of seven metals, one for each planet. Lightly ringing them produces binaural beats, unique audio sensations that occur when two tones of slightly different frequencies play separately in each ear. Some research claims that binaural beats can alter the brain's dominant brain wave frequency, creating alpha and delta states (alpha associated with relaxation and calmness, delta with deep sleep). She struck the bowls with soft mallets, and then slid the mallet around the edge like a finger around a wine glass. I drifted into a seriously altered state of consciousness — present but somewhere else."

Tibetan Sound Massage
Article: The Good Spa Guide, 3/21/14

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"The Good Spa Guide talked to Karen Jennings, treatment co-ordinator at Rockliffe Hall...The Tibetan Sound Massage is great for people who are particularly stressed or worried. Many people say that they feel a release from deep-seated emotions after the treatment. The treatment also encourages a good night’s sleep. Physically it can release tension, alleviate muscular aches and pains and increase energy levels. Tibetan singing bowls are considered to be a symbol of healing. The vibration caused when the bowls are struck travels through the body and it is believed that this has an effect on all cells within the body, causing them to vibrate faster...the singing bowls are placed on to the client’s back and are struck in turn. It is thought that the vibrational energy from the bowls travels into the client's cells to promote healing from within. People react differently to the treatment. Some fall asleep during the treatment, some feel wide awake and some feel like they have drifted off to a new level!'

“Uber Trend: Your Mind Is What Matters” 
Article from: Spafinder Wellness 3652014 Trends Report: Top Ten Global Spa and Wellness Trends Forcast

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"Weaving its way through every trend in 2014 is the simple, but compelling, act of mindful living: The idea of attentiveness to the present moment can help clear the clutter in your mind caused by the overstimulation of today's supercharged world. This is the über trend that's on everyone's mind - it's your mind that matters. This is one of the biggest movements the wellness industry has ever seen. People are craving (and needing) a reboot of their brains—and the reasons are plentiful. Mindfulness gives us an effective tool to cope with today's highly stressed-out world. 

'Mindfulness' has been proven to re-wire our brains to become less anxious, happier, more focused and even more creative. All walks of life are waking up to the fact that mindful living breeds a healthy mind, one that is able to focus and get things done. And more and more studies are surfacing that compel us to continue this quest for a "change of mind."  Studies have linked mindfulness to improved sleep, emotional stability, better cognitive functions and increased productivity. The physical benefits of spa and wellness activities have long been known to reduce stress and relax our bodies, but in 2014 and beyond there will be a sharp focus on interweaving mindfulness techniques into these practices to help us reach a whole new place of serenity and calm. And perhaps more importantly, give us the tools we need to focus on what's important in our lives, both at work (with renewed focus and productivity) and at home (helping us to be in the moment with those we care about).