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Mile High Healing Vibe​ 


I have played meditative concerts for over 10 is an online video collection of all your favorites!

I have scripted, shot, edited and produced FOUR HOURS of  musical meditations with singing bowls and gongs! Each is harmonically beautiful, as you have come to expect. Just relax with a good set of headphones as a meditative concert is played just for you!

June 20th:

LIVE EVENT: Summer Solstice!

April 8th & 13th, 7-8pm

“Bowls Full of Spring: A Singing Bowl Concert Celebrating Sound, Color and Consciousness!” 

Inspiring  ZOOM Events for 2021!

Dear Faithful Clients and Sound Supporters,

     As businesses begin to resume and people rush to pickup where things left off, I long to do the same. However, since my household is at higher risk than most, I choose to remain at a distance for longer ... much longer. 

​     If you have a gift certificate, please contact me and we can set-up a "distance healing" session. If you'd like to buy a singing bowl, I can help you via Zoom or an outdoor, social-distancing appointment. 

​​     In the meantime, I continue to create training and meditation videos for worldwide consumption AND present LIVE meditative gatherings via Zoom. The singing bowls, gongs and I miss you a lot and will let you know when our quarantine is up. In the meantime, grab your singing bowl and send some good vibes out to the world!

​​** Ann **

“Sacred Sound is a sure pathway to the vibrant awareness of the soul.”

The Arapahoe Library District Sponsors this Event!

Don't miss this FREE concert offered on 2 dates!!!

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Ann Martin and Travis Rumsey team up to offer our first "Live" event in over a year! You won't want to miss this...the "Gong Wall" is BACK!

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"I create and orchestrate customized events, concerts, classes and workshops that meet the needs of your specific audience. Adding singing bowls and gongs to any gathering, makes it educational, motivational, experiential and memorable."                   
-- Ann Martin