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BLISSbowls™  "NO PLACE LIKE OMMM" SESSION                 

February BLISSbowls™ Special:  

​Book any session during the month of February and receive a yummy chocolate treat at the end of your visit. Don't forget to buy your valentine a gift certificate! Spread the LOVE!


Come home to yourself; to peace, to wholeness, to joy.  In this sound session, the singing bowls are used to clear a path to the heart center. Guided visualizations along with metal and crystal "heart bowls"  will submerge you in a loving sound bath; sure to relax muscles and ignite heart energy. Your session ends with Joy essential oil, rose quartz crystal and chocolate! 
Heart Session: 75 min. - $90                                                                          Add Gong Immersion at the end: 15 min. - $125

This session will help you experience all this season has to offer from a centered, grounded, and joyful place. The tone of "OM" is a specific frequency (136.1 hertz) that resonates with the human body and has been associated with calming, warmth and spirituality. In this session, you will be encircled in this healing resonance and deeply relaxed in gentle vibrations from OM tuning forks, OM crystal & metal singing bowls, OM bell to break blockages, OM ambient musical sound track, and more.
OM Session: 75 min. - $90                                                                           Add Gong Immersion at the end: 15 min. - $125

BLISSbowls™  VISIONING for MANIFESTATION SESSION                        

Session to select the perfect bowl

(This video was produced for the Spa Industry to show the benefits of BLISSbowls™ to their clients.)

Manifest your heart's desires by taking a moment to envision what you truly want. Sound and vibration can calm the busy brain and relax stressed muscles so that you can access inner guidance. Experience a ritual to release what no longer serves you, guided visualization, gentle Earth gong to clear chakras, "Abundance" essential oil, and much more!
Visioning Session: 75 min. - $90                                                                                             Gong Immersion INCLUDED!

Awakening and harmonizing every cell, using the huge vibrations from the 20" Heart Bowl! In this sound session, you will experience transformation on many levels as consciousness merges with the sound and vibe from this ancient, heavy healing bowl. Guided visualizations combine with systemic waves of resonance to expand your body awareness. The Earth gong brings this session to a close, but you will carry a higher frequency for days!
Vibe Session: 75 min. - $90                                                                                Add Gong Immersion at the end: INCLUDED

BLISSbowls™  "FULL BODY VIBE" SESSION            NEW for 2018!!


Discover which singing bowls actually resonate with you OR what bowl plays well with your existing singing bowls. This session is specially designed for the serious bowl-buyer that wants to ensure they are paired with the right bowl for their specific needs. I'll even offer a complementary personal training session on how to play and meditate with your new bowl. 

Play and Select the right Bowl, 30 min. - FREE                                                                       

Experience a rejuvenating harmonious flow of energy and vitality. In this treatment, you will be bathed in the multidimensional tones of the 30" Paiste Planetary Earth Gong - a rare and beautiful, hand-hammered gong from Germany. In addition, a hand-held Atlantis gong and rare pure quartz crystal gong can be incorporated. These gongs create a mind-expanding experience and relaxes the body and awakens consciousness with waves of powerful resonance.

Individual Gong Immersion: 75 min. -$90                                                               Couples Gong Immersion: 75 min. - $170

Personal gong immersion session

Individualized instruction on how to play and meditate with singing bowls. Whether you are a seasoned "healer" and want to add the benefits of bowls to your practice OR just want to learn how to make meditation easy and fun, this class will give you the tools you need. Handouts included. Bring your own bowl or they can be provided.
Personal Training with Bowls: $90/hr                                                          

singing bowl training session

Custom-created session, event, seminar

From Keynote Speaker to backyard gathering...the gong and bowls make your event MEMORABLE!  I will custom create an event that exceeds your expectations for education, transformation, entertainment and healing. To check out other events I've done, click here or to get some NEW ideas for a gathering, click here.

Minimum to haul instruments to your location: $350 + Quote (taking into account mileage and time to create your event)

You have never experienced a therapeutic massage session like this one!  This unique experience, incorporates restorative bodywork, hot stones, essential oils, and soothing vibrations from the singing bowls used directly on tight muscle groups. Truly a blissful experience for body and soul. (See what a BLISSbowls™ session looks like by scrolling to the bottom of this page.)
Therapeutic Massage with Bowls: 75 min. - $90                                       Add Gong Immersion at the End: 15 min. - $125

BLISSbowls™  AND BODYWORK SESSION                           Most Popular


Bring your special someone in for a "sonic immersion," using 40 sound healing instruments! In this sound session, you will lay together on thick mattresses as your energies are balanced and intermingled using singing bowls, guided imagery and three powerful gongs. Unite your hearts and pave the way for gentle transformation and inner healing.                                 
Couples Sound Healing Session:   75 min. - $170